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Uitgebreide vertaling voor disarm (Engels) in het Duits


to disarm werkwoord (disarms, disarmed, disarming)

  1. to disarm (paralyse; paralyze)
    • entkräften werkwoord (entkräfte, entkräftst, entkräftt, entkräftte, entkräfttet, entkräftet)
  2. to disarm
    entwaffnen; abrüsten
    • entwaffnen werkwoord (entwaffne, entwaffnest, entwaffnet, entwaffnete, entwaffnetet, entwaffnet)
    • abrüsten werkwoord (rüste ab, rüstest ab, rüstet ab, rüstete ab, rüstetet ab, abgerüstet)
  3. to disarm (render harmless)

Conjugations for disarm:

  1. disarm
  2. disarm
  3. disarms
  4. disarm
  5. disarm
  6. disarm
simple past
  1. disarmed
  2. disarmed
  3. disarmed
  4. disarmed
  5. disarmed
  6. disarmed
present perfect
  1. have disarmed
  2. have disarmed
  3. has disarmed
  4. have disarmed
  5. have disarmed
  6. have disarmed
past continuous
  1. was disarming
  2. were disarming
  3. was disarming
  4. were disarming
  5. were disarming
  6. were disarming
  1. shall disarm
  2. will disarm
  3. will disarm
  4. shall disarm
  5. will disarm
  6. will disarm
continuous present
  1. am disarming
  2. are disarming
  3. is disarming
  4. are disarming
  5. are disarming
  6. are disarming
  1. be disarmed
  2. be disarmed
  3. be disarmed
  4. be disarmed
  5. be disarmed
  6. be disarmed
  1. disarm!
  2. let's disarm!
  3. disarmed
  4. disarming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor disarm:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
abrüsten disarm pacify
entkräften disarm; paralyse; paralyze fatigue; incapacitate; invalidate; palsy; paralyse; paralyze; take the edge of; tire out; wear out
entwaffnen disarm demilitarise; demilitarize; pacify
unschädlich machen disarm; render harmless
- demilitarise; demilitarize; unarm
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- demobilise; demobilize

Verwante woorden van "disarm":

Synoniemen voor "disarm":

Antoniemen van "disarm":

Verwante definities voor "disarm":

  1. remove offensive capability from1
  2. take away the weapons from; render harmless1
  3. make less hostile; win over1
    • Her charm disarmed the prosecution lawyer completely1

Wiktionary: disarm

  1. to deprive of the means or the disposition to harm
  2. to deprive of arms

Cross Translation:
disarm entwaffnen désarmerdépouiller quelqu’un de ses armes.