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score off:

to score off werkwoord (scores off, scored off, scoring off)

  1. to score off (trump; outdo)
    triunfar; exceder; aventajar; sobrepujar; sobrepasar; eclipsar; sobreponerse a

Conjugations for score off:

  1. score off
  2. score off
  3. scores off
  4. score off
  5. score off
  6. score off
simple past
  1. scored off
  2. scored off
  3. scored off
  4. scored off
  5. scored off
  6. scored off
present perfect
  1. have scored off
  2. have scored off
  3. has scored off
  4. have scored off
  5. have scored off
  6. have scored off
past continuous
  1. was scoring off
  2. were scoring off
  3. was scoring off
  4. were scoring off
  5. were scoring off
  6. were scoring off
  1. shall score off
  2. will score off
  3. will score off
  4. shall score off
  5. will score off
  6. will score off
continuous present
  1. am scoring off
  2. are scoring off
  3. is scoring off
  4. are scoring off
  5. are scoring off
  6. are scoring off
  1. be scored off
  2. be scored off
  3. be scored off
  4. be scored off
  5. be scored off
  6. be scored off
  1. score off!
  2. let's score off!
  3. scored off
  4. scoring off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor score off:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aventajar outdo; score off; trump
eclipsar outdo; score off; trump
exceder outdo; score off; trump exceed; excel; outbid; surpass; transcend
sobrepasar outdo; score off; trump attract attention; be conspicuous; exceed; excel; jut out; leap out; outbid; outstrip; prance; protrude; show off; stand out; stick out; surpass; transcend
sobreponerse a outdo; score off; trump
sobrepujar outdo; score off; trump exceed; excel; outbid; surpass; transcend
triunfar outdo; score off; trump conquer; gain; gain the day; gain the victory; master; overcome; triumph; win; win over

Wiktionary: score off

score off
  1. to gain an advantage on somebody
  2. to scratch somebody out of a list or a group

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