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bearing [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the bearing (ball bearing)
    el rodamiento de bolas; el cojinete de bolas
  2. the bearing (demeanour; behaviour; conduct; )
    el comportamiento; la manera; la conducta; el modo
  3. the bearing (grand manner; deportment)
    la ínfulas; el comportamiento; el aire; el humos; la postura; la pose; el aires; la traza; la actitud afectada
  4. the bearing

Vertaal Matrix voor bearing:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
actitud afectada bearing; deportment; grand manner
aire bearing; deportment; grand manner air; appearance; ballad; ditty; exterior; firmament; fresh air; heaven; look; looks; melody; open air; open-air; sky; song; tune
aires bearing; deportment; grand manner
cojinete de bolas ball bearing; bearing
comportamiento bearing; behavior; behaviour; conduct; demeanor; demeanour; deportment; grand manner; way of behaving behavior
conducta bearing; behavior; behaviour; conduct; demeanor; demeanour; deportment; way of behaving aisle; alley; gangway; gymnastics; passage; physical exercise
humos bearing; deportment; grand manner
manera bearing; behavior; behaviour; conduct; demeanor; demeanour; deportment; way of behaving casting mould; course; course of action; course of behaviour; line of conduct; manner; marathon; matrix; method; methodology; mode; mold; race; run; sprints; way
modo bearing; behavior; behaviour; conduct; demeanor; demeanour; deportment; way of behaving course; course of action; course of behaviour; line of conduct; manner; melody; method; methodology; mode; song; tune; way
pose bearing; deportment; grand manner
postura bearing; deportment; grand manner attitude; attitude of mind; build; conviction; creed; disposition; figure; idea; inclination; laying; mental attitude; mental make-up; mentality; mind-set; notion; opinion; position; posture; shape; size; stakes; state of mind; stature; view
rodamiento de bolas ball bearing; bearing
traza bearing; deportment; grand manner tracing
ínfulas bearing; deportment; grand manner
- aim; armorial bearing; carriage; charge; comportment; heading; heraldic bearing; mien; posture; presence
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
rodamiento bearing
- axle bearing; heraldic bearing; journal bearing; shaft bearing

Verwante woorden van "bearing":

Synoniemen voor "bearing":

Antoniemen van "bearing":

  • nonbearing

Verwante definities voor "bearing":

  1. (of a structural member) withstanding a weight or strain1
  2. a rotating support placed between moving parts to allow them to move easily1
  3. heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield1
  4. dignified manner or conduct1
  5. characteristic way of bearing one's body1
  6. the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies1
  7. relevant relation or interconnection1
    • those issues have no bearing on our situation1

Wiktionary: bearing

  1. posture
  2. relevance
  3. nautical sense
  4. mechanical device

Cross Translation:
bearing porta; postura; actitud; cara HaltungPlural ungebräuchlich oder selten: (bezüglich des Stehens, Gehens oder Sitzens) Art und Weise, den Körper, insbesondere das Rückgrat zu halten; Körperhaltung
bearing el rodamiento; rodamiento a bolas Kugellager — eine Vorrichtung aus Metall für Stahlkugel
bearing cojinete Lagernur Plural 1: Maschinenelement, das ein schwingendes oder sich drehendes Element aufnimmt
bearing almacenamiento Lagerung — Lagerhaltung oder Aufbewahrung von Gegenständen
bearing acimut azimut — astron|fr angle formé par le plan méridien d’un lieu avec un plan vertical situé en ce lieu, mesuré de 0 à 360°, dans le sens rétrograde, c’est à dire dans le sens horaire, habituellement noté « A ».
bearing manera; modo; maneras manièrefaçon dont une chose se produire.

bearing vorm van bear:

to bear werkwoord (bears, bearing)

  1. to bear (persist; endure; stand; tolerate)
    aguantar; soportar
  2. to bear (endure; sustain; stand)
    soportar; sufrir; padecer; ponerse; pasar por; aguantar; gastar; digerir; corroerse; resistir; sucumbir; pudrirse; descomponerse; seguir viviendo; desaparecer; consumir; experimentar; hundirse; comerse; tolerar; corroer; digerirse; salir con bien; salir con bien de
  3. to bear (endure; stand)
  4. to bear (carry; carry along)
    llevar; alcanzar; sufrir
  5. to bear (take)
    tragar; digerir

Conjugations for bear:

  1. bear
  2. bear
  3. bears
  4. bear
  5. bear
  6. bear
present perfect
  1. have bore
  2. have bore
  3. has bore
  4. have bore
  5. have bore
  6. have bore
past continuous
  1. was bearing
  2. were bearing
  3. was bearing
  4. were bearing
  5. were bearing
  6. were bearing
  1. shall bear
  2. will bear
  3. will bear
  4. shall bear
  5. will bear
  6. will bear
continuous present
  1. am bearing
  2. are bearing
  3. is bearing
  4. are bearing
  5. are bearing
  6. are bearing
  1. be bore
  2. be bore
  3. be bore
  4. be bore
  5. be bore
  6. be bore
  1. bear!
  2. let's bear!
  3. bore
  4. bearing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

bear [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the bear
    – massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws 1
    el oso
    • oso [el ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

Vertaal Matrix voor bear:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
desaparecer ceasing; deceasing; dropping out; dying; withdrawing
gastar tiring out; wearing out
hundirse collapsing; going down; plummeting; sinking; sliding; slumping; subsiding
llevar carrying away
oso bear beast of prey; boar; predator; teddy bear
pudrirse decaying; deterioration; rotting
seguir viviendo living on
sucumbir collapse; succubing
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aguantar bear; endure; persist; stand; sustain; tolerate endure; hold one's ground; keep it up; live through; outlive; put up with; stand firm; stand one's grounds; submit to; survive
alcanzar bear; carry; carry along affect; bring; bring along; bring in; carry; catch up; catch up with; come up alongside with; concern; end up; gain; get; get through; give; give to; hand; hand over; hit; move; obtain; pass; reach; run in; strike; take in; touch; win
comerse bear; endure; stand; sustain attack; bite into; compose; consume; corrode; devour; eat; eat into; eat up; erode; gulp down; nibble; nybble; spend; swallow up; use; utilise; utilize
consumir bear; endure; stand; sustain apply; burn up; choose; compose; consume; digest; dine; eat; eat up; employ; feast upon; gorge; grab a bite; handle; have a meal; have dinner; have something to eat; make use of; munch; nibble; nybble; opt; practice; practise; process; quench; relieve; smoke; spend; spend money; spend on heating; take; take something; tuck into; use; use drugs; use up; utilise; utilize
corroer bear; endure; stand; sustain attack; bite into; corrode; eat away; eat into; erode
corroerse bear; endure; stand; sustain corrode; decay; deteriorate; eat away; erode; roost; rot; rust
desaparecer bear; endure; stand; sustain be killed; be killed in action; be lost; be missed; be missing; blame; decline; depart this earth; depart this life; die; disappear; fall; hold it against s.o.; lose; miss; move house; pass away; perish; rebuke; regress; remove; reprimand; reproach; resent; succumb; vanish; waining
descomponerse bear; endure; stand; sustain be lost; be wrecked; become worn; corrode; crash; decay; degenerate; deteriorate; eat away; erode; fall into decline; get worn out; meet an accident; perish; rot; wear out
digerir bear; endure; stand; sustain; take consume; corrode; digest; eat; eat away; eat up; erode; process; stomach; swallow; use up
digerirse bear; endure; stand; sustain consume; corrode; decay; deteriorate; eat; eat away; eat up; erode; rot
experimentar bear; endure; stand; sustain be in sympathy with; become aware of; behold; conceive; encounter; endure; experience; experiment; feel; feel empathy for; imagine; intend; live through; notice; perceive; see; see in; sympathise; sympathize; think; witness
gastar bear; endure; stand; sustain apply; consume; corrode; digest; eat away; employ; erode; make costs; make use of; process; spend; spend money; spend on heating; tire out; use; use up; utilise; utilize; wear out
hundirse bear; endure; stand; sustain allay; bend; break down; break off; buckle; bulge; bulge out; calm down; cave in; chill; collapse; cool; cool down; cool off; crash down; crumble; decay; defect; desert; disintegrate; drop; fall; fall apart; fall into decay; fall to bits; fall to pieces; get cold; get cooler; get fresh; give way; go to ruin; grow cold; grow cooler; prolapse; refrigerate; sag; sink; sink in; slump; soothe; subside; throw oneself; tumble
llevar bear; carry; carry along be in command of; bring; bring around; bring back; command; deliver; deliver to the door; deprive; furnish; hand over; have on; leave; order; preside; provide; put up for shipment; return; send; ship; supply; take the lead; wear
padecer bear; endure; stand; sustain endure; live through; suffer
pasar por bear; endure; stand; sustain adjudicate; be reported to be; call at; call on; come past; condemn; continue; drop by; drop in; encounter; endure; experience; feel; go on; go through; judge; live through; look for; look up; pass; pass for; pass through; seek out; sentence; take it further; travel through; try; visit; walk past
ponerse bear; endure; stand; sustain arise; become; come into being; come into existance; dress; occur; originate; put on; wrap around the body
pudrirse bear; endure; stand; sustain be lost; be wrecked; corrode; crash; decay; degenerate; deteriorate; eat away; erode; fall into decline; go bad; meet an accident; perish; rot; spoil
resistir bear; endure; stand; sustain endure; live through; outlive; resist; survive; withstand
salir con bien bear; endure; stand; sustain endure; live through
salir con bien de bear; endure; stand; sustain
seguir viviendo bear; endure; stand; sustain live on
soportar bear; endure; persist; stand; sustain; tolerate boost; encourage; endure; live through; prop; prop up; push on; shore; support
sucumbir bear; endure; stand; sustain collapse; go under; perish; set; sink; submerge; succumb; suffer
sufrir bear; carry; carry along; endure; stand; sustain catch; contract; get; receive; suffer
tolerar bear; endure; stand; sustain accept; endure; let come; let happen; live through; put up with; submit to; tolerate
tragar bear; take cram; gulp; gulp down; swallow; take in
- accept; acquit; assume; behave; birth; carry; comport; conduct; contain; deliver; deport; expect; gestate; give birth; have; have a bun in the oven; hold; pay; take over; turn out; wear; yield
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
seguir viviendo live on

Verwante woorden van "bear":

Synoniemen voor "bear":

Antoniemen van "bear":

Verwante definities voor "bear":

  1. massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws1
  2. an investor with a pessimistic market outlook; an investor who expects prices to fall and so sells now in order to buy later at a lower price1
  3. have on one's person1
    • bear a scar1
  4. cause to be born1
  5. be pregnant with1
    • She is bearing his child1
  6. move while holding up or supporting1
    • bear a heavy load1
    • bear news1
    • bearing orders1
  7. support or hold in a certain manner1
  8. bring forth,1
    • The apple tree bore delicious apples this year1
    • The unidentified plant bore gorgeous flowers1
  9. bring in1
    • interest-bearing accounts1
  10. take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person1
    • She agreed to bear the responsibility1
  11. have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices1
    • She bears the title of Duchess1
  12. behave in a certain manner1
    • he bore himself with dignity1
  13. have1
    • bear a resemblance1
    • bear a signature1
  14. contain or hold; have within1

Wiktionary: bear

  1. give birth to
  2. put up with
  3. declare
  4. be equipped with
  5. carry
  1. large hairy man
  2. large mammal of family Ursidae

Cross Translation:
bear aguantar hasta el fin; aguantar uithouden — langdurig moeilijkheden verdragen of belasting dragen
bear conllevar; sufrir; soportar dulden — bereid zijn iets ongestraft te laten
bear engendrar; parir; nacer; dar a luz baren — op de wereld brengen
bear parir werpen — (van zoogdieren) ter wereld brengen, baren
bear oso BärZoologie: Tier (Raubtier, Säugetier) aus der Familie Ursidae
bear osa Bär — kPl. Sternbild des Nordhimmels
bear soportar ertragen — eine unangenehme oder schwierige Situation hinnehmen und deswegen nicht die Beherrschung verlieren oder zusammenbrechen
bear dar a luz; nacer; criar gebären — ein Kind zur Welt bringen
bear parir donner naissancemettre au monde ; accoucher d’un enfant.
bear sufrir; padecer endurersouffrir, supporter avec fermeté, constance.
bear oso ours — Mammifère.
bear llevar portersoutenir quelque chose ou quelqu’un.
bear producir produireengendrer, donner naissance.
bear sufrir souffrir — Tolérer

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