Uitgebreide vertaling voor step up (Engels) in het Nederlands


Vertaal Matrix voor step-up:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- increase

Synoniemen voor "step-up":

Antoniemen van "step-up":

Verwante definities voor "step-up":

  1. the act of increasing something1

step up:

to step up werkwoord (steps up, stepped up, stepping up)

  1. to step up (work hard)
    hard werken; aanpoten; flink aanpakken
    • hard werken werkwoord (werk hard, werkt hard, werkte hard, werkten hard, hard gewerkt)
    • aanpoten werkwoord (poot aan, pootte aan, pootten aan, aangepoot)
    • flink aanpakken werkwoord (pak flink aan, pakt flink aan, pakte flink aan, pakten flink aan, flink aangepakt)
  2. to step up
    • omhoogstappen werkwoord (stap omhoog, stapt omhoog, stapte omhoog, stapten omhoog, omhooggestapt)

Conjugations for step up:

  1. step up
  2. step up
  3. steps up
  4. step up
  5. step up
  6. step up
simple past
  1. stepped up
  2. stepped up
  3. stepped up
  4. stepped up
  5. stepped up
  6. stepped up
present perfect
  1. have stepped up
  2. have stepped up
  3. has stepped up
  4. have stepped up
  5. have stepped up
  6. have stepped up
past continuous
  1. was stepping up
  2. were stepping up
  3. was stepping up
  4. were stepping up
  5. were stepping up
  6. were stepping up
  1. shall step up
  2. will step up
  3. will step up
  4. shall step up
  5. will step up
  6. will step up
continuous present
  1. am stepping up
  2. are stepping up
  3. is stepping up
  4. are stepping up
  5. are stepping up
  6. are stepping up
  1. be stepped up
  2. be stepped up
  3. be stepped up
  4. be stepped up
  5. be stepped up
  6. be stepped up
  1. step up!
  2. let's step up!
  3. stepped up
  4. stepping up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor step up:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aanpoten step up; work hard hurry; make haste; rouse; sweat one's guts out; work hard; work like the devil
flink aanpakken step up; work hard be up and doing; do thoroughly
hard werken step up; work hard sweat one's guts out; work hard; work like the devil
omhoogstappen step up
- come forward; come out; come to the fore; escalate; intensify; rev up; step forward; step to the fore

Synoniemen voor "step up":

Antoniemen van "step up":

  • de-escalate

Verwante definities voor "step up":

  1. increase in extent or intensity1
  2. speed up1
  3. make oneself visible; take action1

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