Uitgebreide vertaling voor see through (Engels) in het Nederlands

see through:

to see through werkwoord (sees through, saw through, seeing through)

  1. to see through (fathom)
    • doorgronden werkwoord (doorgrond, doorgrondt, doorgrondde, doorgrondden, doorgrond)
  2. to see through
    doorhebben; doorzien
    • doorhebben werkwoord (heb door, hebt door, heeft door, had door, hadden door, doorgehad)
    • doorzien werkwoord (doorzie, doorziet, doorzag, doorzagen, doorzien)
  3. to see through (be on to; understand; rumble to)
    doorzien hebben; inzien
  4. to see through (look through)
  5. to see through (look through)
    door kijken
    • door kijken werkwoord (kijk door, kijkt door, keek door, keken door, door gekeken)
  6. to see through (look through)
    erdoorheen kijken; erdoorheen zien
    • erdoorheen kijken werkwoord (kijk erdoorheen, kijkt erdoorheen, keek erdoorheen, keken erdoorheen, erdoorheen gekeken)
    • erdoorheen zien werkwoord (zie erdoorheen, ziet erdoorheen, zag erdoorheen, zagen erdoorheen, erdoorheen gezien)

Conjugations for see through:

  1. see through
  2. see through
  3. sees through
  4. see through
  5. see through
  6. see through
simple past
  1. saw through
  2. saw through
  3. saw through
  4. saw through
  5. saw through
  6. saw through
present perfect
  1. have seen through
  2. have seen through
  3. has seen through
  4. have seen through
  5. have seen through
  6. have seen through
past continuous
  1. was seeing through
  2. were seeing through
  3. was seeing through
  4. were seeing through
  5. were seeing through
  6. were seeing through
  1. shall see through
  2. will see through
  3. will see through
  4. shall see through
  5. will see through
  6. will see through
continuous present
  1. am seeing through
  2. are seeing through
  3. is seeing through
  4. are seeing through
  5. are seeing through
  6. are seeing through
  1. be seen through
  2. be seen through
  3. be seen through
  4. be seen through
  5. be seen through
  6. be seen through
  1. see through!
  2. let's see through!
  3. seen through
  4. seeing through
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor see through:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
beginnen te snappen look through; see through
door kijken look through; see through
doorgronden fathom; see through
doorhebben see through
doorkrijgen look through; see through
doorzien see through contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize
doorzien hebben be on to; rumble to; see through; understand
erdoorheen kijken look through; see through
erdoorheen zien look through; see through
inzien be on to; rumble to; see through; understand comprehend; contain; get; get to know; grasp; hold; look into; realise; realize; understand
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
doorzien fathomed

Synoniemen voor "see through":

Verwante definities voor "see through":

  1. remain with until completion1
  2. perceive the true nature of1
    • We could see through her apparent calm1
  3. support financially through a period of time1

Wiktionary: see through

see through
  1. find something to be transparent
  2. -
see through
  1. doorzíén, begrijpen, bevatten, doorgronden

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