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have in mind:

have in mind werkwoord

  1. have in mind (consider; nominate)
    betrachten; im Auge haben; spekulieren; gucken; beschauen
    • betrachten werkwoord (betrachte, betrachtest, betrachtet, betrachtete, betrachtetet, betrachtet)
    • im Auge haben werkwoord
    • spekulieren werkwoord (spekuliere, spekulierst, spekuliert, spekulierte, spekuliertet, spekuliert)
    • gucken werkwoord (gucke, guckst, guckt, guckte, gucktet, geguckt)
    • beschauen werkwoord (beschaue, beschaust, beschaut, beschaute, beschautet, beschaut)

Vertaal Matrix voor have in mind:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
beschauen consider; have in mind; nominate consider; examine; get lost; inspect; look at; regard; see; see over; see round; think it over; think out; view; visit
betrachten consider; have in mind; nominate become aware of; behold; cast an eye on; consider; examine; get lost; glance; glance at; inspect; intend; look; look at; look on; look over; notice; observe; perceive; plan; propose; regard; see; see in; see over; see round; survey; take on; think it over; think out; view; visit; watch
gucken consider; have in mind; nominate be amazed; be astonished; be surprised; become aware of; behold; glance at; look at; look up; look upwards; notice; observe; peer; perceive; see; see in; view; watch
im Auge haben consider; have in mind; nominate
spekulieren consider; have in mind; nominate bet with shares; conjecture; consider; do risky business; gamble; regard; speculate; take a chance; take a risk; think it over; think out; venture
- mean; think of
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- have a recollection of

Synoniemen voor "have in mind":

Verwante definities voor "have in mind":

  1. intend to refer to1

Wiktionary: have in mind

have in mind
  1. consider, intend

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