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suspended bijvoeglijk naamwoord

  1. suspended (hung up)

Vertaal Matrix voor suspended:

OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- hanging down; pendant; pendent
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aufgehängt hung up; suspended

Verwante woorden van "suspended":

Synoniemen voor "suspended":

Verwante definities voor "suspended":

  1. (of undissolved particles in a fluid) supported or kept from sinking or falling by buoyancy and without apparent attachment1
    • suspended matter such as silt or mud...1
    • dust particles suspended in the air1

suspended vorm van suspend:

to suspend werkwoord (suspends, suspended, suspending)

  1. to suspend (adjourn; inhibit; ban)
    suspendieren; zeitweilig sperren; zeitweilig aufheben
    • suspendieren werkwoord (suspendiere, suspendierst, suspendiert, suspendierte, suspendiertet, suspensiert)
    • zeitweilig sperren werkwoord
    • zeitweilig aufheben werkwoord (hebe zeitweilig auf, hebst zeitweilig auf, hebt zeitweilig auf, hebte zeitweilig auf, hebtet zeitweilig auf, zeitweilig aufgehoben)
  2. to suspend
    – To halt a process temporarily. 2
    • anhalten werkwoord (halte an, hälst an, hält an, hielt an, hieltet an, angehalten)

Conjugations for suspend:

  1. suspend
  2. suspend
  3. suspends
  4. suspend
  5. suspend
  6. suspend
simple past
  1. suspended
  2. suspended
  3. suspended
  4. suspended
  5. suspended
  6. suspended
present perfect
  1. have suspended
  2. have suspended
  3. has suspended
  4. have suspended
  5. have suspended
  6. have suspended
past continuous
  1. was suspending
  2. were suspending
  3. was suspending
  4. were suspending
  5. were suspending
  6. were suspending
  1. shall suspend
  2. will suspend
  3. will suspend
  4. shall suspend
  5. will suspend
  6. will suspend
continuous present
  1. am suspending
  2. are suspending
  3. is suspending
  4. are suspending
  5. are suspending
  6. are suspending
  1. be suspended
  2. be suspended
  3. be suspended
  4. be suspended
  5. be suspended
  6. be suspended
  1. suspend!
  2. let's suspend!
  3. suspended
  4. suspending
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor suspend:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
anhalten suspend bring to a close; bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; come to a stand-still; come to an end; continue; decide; delay; deter; drag on; end; finish; halt; hold on; keep on; keep up; pause; persevere; persist; put to a stop; retard; stand still; stem; stop; terminate; wind up
suspendieren adjourn; ban; inhibit; suspend be discharged; cast out; discharge; dismiss; drop; fire; lay off; release; relieve someone of an obligation; sack; throw out
zeitweilig aufheben adjourn; ban; inhibit; suspend
zeitweilig sperren adjourn; ban; inhibit; suspend
- debar; freeze; set aside
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- call off; cancel; hang up

Verwante woorden van "suspend":

Synoniemen voor "suspend":

Verwante definities voor "suspend":

  1. cause to be held in suspension in a fluid1
    • suspend the particles1
  2. stop a process or a habit by imposing a freeze on it1
  3. make inoperative or stop1
    • suspend payments on the loan1
  4. hang freely1
    • The secret police suspended their victims from the ceiling and beat them1
  5. bar temporarily; from school, office, etc.1
  6. render temporarily ineffective1
    • the prison sentence was suspended1
  7. To halt a process temporarily.2

Wiktionary: suspend

  1. To halt temporarily
  2. To hang freely
  3. To discontinue or interrupt a function, task, position, or event
  1. etwas zeitweise unterbrechen
  2. jemanden zeitweise von einer Verpflichtung oder einem Amt entbinden
  3. etwas zeitweilig aufheben
  4. Medizin: schwebend aufhängen (Gliedmaße)
  5. eine Handlung aussetzen; aufhören etwas zu tun, um später wieder damit zu beginnen

Cross Translation:
suspend aufhängen; suspendieren suspendrependre quelque objet en l’air, l’attacher de telle sorte qu’il ne porter sur rien.

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