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  1. come about:


Uitgebreide synoniemen voor come about in het Engels

come about:

to come about werkwoord (comes about, came about, coming about)

  1. to come about
    to come about
    • come about werkwoord (comes about, came about, coming about)
  2. to come about
    – come to pass 1
    to occur; to pass; to happen; to take place; to fall out; to go on; to come about; pass off; hap
    – come to pass 1
    • occur werkwoord (occurs, occured, occuring)
      • Nothing occurred that seemed important1
    • pass werkwoord (passes, passed, passing)
    • happen werkwoord (happens, happened, happening)
      • What is happening?1
    • take place werkwoord (takes place, took place, taking place)
    • fall out werkwoord (falls out, fell out, falling out)
    • go on werkwoord (goes on, went on, going on)
    • come about werkwoord (comes about, came about, coming about)
    • pass off werkwoord
    • hap werkwoord

Conjugations for come about:

  1. come about
  2. come about
  3. comes about
  4. come about
  5. come about
  6. come about
simple past
  1. came about
  2. came about
  3. came about
  4. came about
  5. came about
  6. came about
present perfect
  1. have come about
  2. have come about
  3. has come about
  4. have come about
  5. have come about
  6. have come about
past continuous
  1. was coming about
  2. were coming about
  3. was coming about
  4. were coming about
  5. were coming about
  6. were coming about
  1. shall come about
  2. will come about
  3. will come about
  4. shall come about
  5. will come about
  6. will come about
continuous present
  1. am coming about
  2. are coming about
  3. is coming about
  4. are coming about
  5. are coming about
  6. are coming about
  1. be come about
  2. be come about
  3. be come about
  4. be come about
  5. be come about
  6. be come about
  1. come about!
  2. let's come about!
  3. come about
  4. coming about
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Alternatieve synoniemen voor "come about":

Verwante definities voor "come about":

  1. come to pass1

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