Uitgebreide synoniemen voor disappoint in het Engels


to disappoint werkwoord (disappoints, disappointed, disappointing)

  1. to disappoint
    to disappoint; to frustrate; to disillusion; to let down; to counteract; to belie; to be contrary; to cross
    • disappoint werkwoord (disappoints, disappointed, disappointing)
    • frustrate werkwoord (frustrates, frustrated, frustrating)
    • disillusion werkwoord (disillusions, disillusioned, disillusioning)
    • let down werkwoord (lets down, let down, letting down)
    • counteract werkwoord (counteracts, counteracted, counteracting)
    • belie werkwoord (belies, belied, belying)
    • be contrary werkwoord (is contrary, being contrary)
    • cross werkwoord (crosss, crossed, crossing)
  2. to disappoint
    embarras; to disappoint; to confound; to betray
    • embarras werkwoord
    • disappoint werkwoord (disappoints, disappointed, disappointing)
    • confound werkwoord (confounds, confounded, confounding)
    • betray werkwoord (betraies, betrayed, betraying)
  3. to disappoint
    to fall short; to disappoint; to work out badly; to fail; to fail in something
    • fall short werkwoord (falls short, fell short, falling short)
    • disappoint werkwoord (disappoints, disappointed, disappointing)
    • work out badly werkwoord (works out badly, worked out badly, working out badly)
    • fail werkwoord (fails, failed, failing)
    • fail in something werkwoord (fails in something, failed in something, failing in something)
  4. to disappoint
    – fail to meet the hopes or expectations of 1
    to disappoint; to let down
    – fail to meet the hopes or expectations of 1
    • disappoint werkwoord (disappoints, disappointed, disappointing)
    • let down werkwoord (lets down, let down, letting down)

Conjugations for disappoint:

  1. disappoint
  2. disappoint
  3. disappoints
  4. disappoint
  5. disappoint
  6. disappoint
simple past
  1. disappointed
  2. disappointed
  3. disappointed
  4. disappointed
  5. disappointed
  6. disappointed
present perfect
  1. have disappointed
  2. have disappointed
  3. has disappointed
  4. have disappointed
  5. have disappointed
  6. have disappointed
past continuous
  1. was disappointing
  2. were disappointing
  3. was disappointing
  4. were disappointing
  5. were disappointing
  6. were disappointing
  1. shall disappoint
  2. will disappoint
  3. will disappoint
  4. shall disappoint
  5. will disappoint
  6. will disappoint
continuous present
  1. am disappointing
  2. are disappointing
  3. is disappointing
  4. are disappointing
  5. are disappointing
  6. are disappointing
  1. be disappointed
  2. be disappointed
  3. be disappointed
  4. be disappointed
  5. be disappointed
  6. be disappointed
  1. disappoint!
  2. let's disappoint!
  3. disappointed
  4. disappointing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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Verwante definities voor "disappoint":

  1. fail to meet the hopes or expectations of1