Uitgebreide synoniemen voor hold apart in het Engels

hold apart:

to hold apart werkwoord (holds apart, held apart, holding apart)

  1. to hold apart
    to perceive; to become aware of; to keep apart; to notice; to hold apart; to sense; to see; to find
    • perceive werkwoord (perceives, perceived, perceiving)
    • become aware of werkwoord (becomes aware of, becoming aware of)
    • keep apart werkwoord (keeps apart, kept apart, keeping apart)
    • notice werkwoord (notices, noticed, noticing)
    • hold apart werkwoord (holds apart, held apart, holding apart)
    • sense werkwoord (senses, sensed, sensing)
    • see werkwoord (sees, saw, seeing)
    • find werkwoord (finds, found, finding)

Conjugations for hold apart:

  1. hold apart
  2. hold apart
  3. holds apart
  4. hold apart
  5. hold apart
  6. hold apart
simple past
  1. held apart
  2. held apart
  3. held apart
  4. held apart
  5. held apart
  6. held apart
present perfect
  1. have held apart
  2. have held apart
  3. has held apart
  4. have held apart
  5. have held apart
  6. have held apart
past continuous
  1. was holding apart
  2. were holding apart
  3. was holding apart
  4. were holding apart
  5. were holding apart
  6. were holding apart
  1. shall hold apart
  2. will hold apart
  3. will hold apart
  4. shall hold apart
  5. will hold apart
  6. will hold apart
continuous present
  1. am holding apart
  2. are holding apart
  3. is holding apart
  4. are holding apart
  5. are holding apart
  6. are holding apart
  1. be held apart
  2. be held apart
  3. be held apart
  4. be held apart
  5. be held apart
  6. be held apart
  1. hold apart!
  2. let's hold apart!
  3. held apart
  4. holding apart
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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