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abundance [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the abundance (luxury; affluence)
    le luxe; la luxuriance; la magnificence; la richesse; l'abondance; la somptuosité; la fortune; la splendeur; la profusion; la pompe; l'opulence
  2. the abundance
    l'abondance; le grand nombre
  3. the abundance (profusion; multitude)
    l'abondance; la profusion

abundance bijvoeglijk naamwoord

  1. abundance (multitude)
    diversité; variété

Vertaal Matrix voor abundance:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
abondance abundance; affluence; luxury; multitude; profusion a whole lot; excess; excessiveness; exuberance; heap; load; lot; mass; multitude; overabundance; overflow; profusion; quite a lot; surplus
diversité difference; diversity; many-sidedness; variety; versatility
fortune abundance; affluence; luxury ability; be happy; blessedness; bliss; capability; capacity; capital; deliciousness; fortune; glory; happiness; joy; large sum of money; luck; magnificence; quality; wealth; well-being
grand nombre abundance
luxe abundance; affluence; luxury
luxuriance abundance; affluence; luxury
magnificence abundance; affluence; luxury benediction; blessedness; blessing; bliss; boon; deliciousness; glory; grandeur; grandiosity; grantness; happiness; haughtiness; impressiveness; joy; magnificence; majesty; pride; splendor; splendour; well-being
opulence abundance; affluence; luxury opulence; richness; wealth
pompe abundance; affluence; luxury glory; grandeur; grandiosity; haughtiness; heart; impressiveness; majesty; pride; pump; splendor; splendour; ticker
profusion abundance; affluence; luxury; multitude; profusion a whole lot; heap; load; lot; mass; multitude; quite a lot
richesse abundance; affluence; luxury opulence; richness; wealth
somptuosité abundance; affluence; luxury grandeur; grandiosity; grantness; haughtiness; impressiveness; majesty; pride
splendeur abundance; affluence; luxury blessedness; bliss; deliciousness; glittering; glory; happiness; joy; luster; lustre; magnificence; sparkle; sparkling; splendor; splendour; well-being
variété cabaret; difference; diversity; dynasty; many-sidedness; species; variation; variety; versatility
- copiousness; teemingness
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- profusion
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
diversité abundance; multitude
variété abundance; multitude

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Verwante definities voor "abundance":

  1. the property of a more than adequate quantity or supply1
    • an age of abundance1
  2. (chemistry) the ratio of the total mass of an element in the earth's crust to the total mass of the earth's crust; expressed as a percentage or in parts per million1
  3. (physics) the ratio of the number of atoms of a specific isotope of an element to the total number of isotopes present1

Wiktionary: abundance

  1. ample sufficiency
Cross Translation:
abundance abondance overvloed — het voorhanden zijn van meer dan voldoende van iets
abundance abondance abondantieovervloed
abundance tas; quantité; foule; profusion Menge — eine Vielzahl (nur mit unbestimmtem Artikel, meist im Singular benutzt)
abundance abondance; surabondance Überfluss — eine über den Bedarf vorhandene Menge an etwas

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