Uitgebreide vertaling voor fight (Engels) in het Frans


to fight werkwoord (fights, fought, fighting)

  1. to fight (scrap; scuffle)
    se battre; tabasser; battre le fer; castagner; se cogner; se chamailler; se battre en duel; se bagarrer; taper dur; se quereller; aller sur le pré
    • se battre werkwoord
    • tabasser werkwoord (tabasse, tabasses, tabassons, tabassez, )
    • battre le fer werkwoord
    • castagner werkwoord (castagne, castagnes, castagnons, castagnez, )
    • se cogner werkwoord
    • se chamailler werkwoord
    • se battre en duel werkwoord
    • se bagarrer werkwoord
    • taper dur werkwoord
    • se quereller werkwoord
    • aller sur le pré werkwoord
  2. to fight (keep up the struggle; struggle; wage ware; put up a fight)
    combattre; se battre; lutter
    • combattre werkwoord (combats, combat, combattons, combattez, )
    • se battre werkwoord
    • lutter werkwoord (lutte, luttes, luttons, luttez, )
  3. to fight (battle with; combat; contest; quarrel)
    combattre; battre
    • combattre werkwoord (combats, combat, combattons, combattez, )
    • battre werkwoord (bats, bat, battons, battez, )
  4. to fight (mat; quarrel)
    se battre; lutter; se bagarrer; se cogner
    • se battre werkwoord
    • lutter werkwoord (lutte, luttes, luttons, luttez, )
    • se bagarrer werkwoord
    • se cogner werkwoord
  5. to fight (combat; struggle)
    combattre; se battre; lutter; concourir en guerre; engager la lutte
    • combattre werkwoord (combats, combat, combattons, combattez, )
    • se battre werkwoord
    • lutter werkwoord (lutte, luttes, luttons, luttez, )
    • engager la lutte werkwoord

Conjugations for fight:

  1. fight
  2. fight
  3. fights
  4. fight
  5. fight
  6. fight
simple past
  1. fought
  2. fought
  3. fought
  4. fought
  5. fought
  6. fought
present perfect
  1. have fought
  2. have fought
  3. has fought
  4. have fought
  5. have fought
  6. have fought
past continuous
  1. was fighting
  2. were fighting
  3. was fighting
  4. were fighting
  5. were fighting
  6. were fighting
  1. shall fight
  2. will fight
  3. will fight
  4. shall fight
  5. will fight
  6. will fight
continuous present
  1. am fighting
  2. are fighting
  3. is fighting
  4. are fighting
  5. are fighting
  6. are fighting
  1. be fought
  2. be fought
  3. be fought
  4. be fought
  5. be fought
  6. be fought
  1. fight!
  2. let's fight!
  3. fought
  4. fighting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

fight [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the fight (scuffle; tussle)
    la bataille; le combat; la bagarre; la lutte; la mêlée; la rixe
    • bataille [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • combat [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • bagarre [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • lutte [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • mêlée [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • rixe [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
  2. the fight (game of rough-and-tumble; romp; romping)
    la querelle; l'ébats; la saletés; le tintouin; le batifolage; la folâtrerie

Vertaal Matrix voor fight:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
bagarre fight; scuffle; tussle brawl; commotion; disturbance; fisticuffs; free-for-all; pandemonium; rebellion; revolt; riot; skirmish; street-fight
bataille fight; scuffle; tussle battle; war
batifolage fight; game of rough-and-tumble; romp; romping
battre beat off
combat fight; scuffle; tussle battle; fighting; war
folâtrerie fight; game of rough-and-tumble; romp; romping
lutte fight; scuffle; tussle battle; challenge; contest; dispute; grappling; impugn; labyrinth; maze; struggle; struggling; tussling; war; wrestle; wrestling
mêlée fight; scuffle; tussle turmoil of battle
querelle fight; game of rough-and-tumble; romp; romping argument; battle of words; conflict; controversy; debate; difference of opinion; disagreement; discord; disputation; dispute; quarrel; row; squabble; struggle; twist; verbal dispute; verbal duel; verbal sword-play; wrestle
rixe fight; scuffle; tussle knifing; street-fight; turmoil of battle
saletés fight; game of rough-and-tumble; romp; romping botch job; bungle; bungling; bungling work; daubing; mess up; shoddy work; smuts; staining
tintouin fight; game of rough-and-tumble; romp; romping ado; bother; bustle; fuzz; hustle; hustle and bustle; huzza; mess; rumpus; to-do
ébats fight; game of rough-and-tumble; romp; romping
- battle; combat; competitiveness; conflict; engagement; fighting; scrap
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aller sur le pré fight; scrap; scuffle
battre battle with; combat; contest; fight; quarrel affect; bang; beat up; churn; clack; clapper; clatter; concern; drum; dust; ground; hammer; hit; knock; move; pound; slap; smack; spike; stir; strike; tap; tap at; thump; touch; whip
battre le fer fight; scrap; scuffle
castagner fight; scrap; scuffle
combattre battle with; combat; contest; fight; keep up the struggle; put up a fight; quarrel; struggle; wage ware
concourir en guerre combat; fight; struggle
engager la lutte combat; fight; struggle
lutter combat; fight; keep up the struggle; mat; put up a fight; quarrel; struggle; wage ware wrestle
se bagarrer fight; mat; quarrel; scrap; scuffle
se battre combat; fight; keep up the struggle; mat; put up a fight; quarrel; scrap; scuffle; struggle; wage ware
se battre en duel fight; scrap; scuffle
se chamailler fight; scrap; scuffle altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; squabble; wrangle
se cogner fight; mat; quarrel; scrap; scuffle bang into; brush against; bump against; bump into; bump up against; call; collide; crash; ring; tinkle
se quereller fight; scrap; scuffle altercate; bicker; call someone names; make trouble; quarrel; squabble; wrangle
tabasser fight; scrap; scuffle bang; beat up; castigate; cudgel; drub; flog; hammer; hit out hard; lash; pound; rack; thump; thwack; trounce; wallop; whack; whip
taper dur fight; scrap; scuffle hit out hard
- agitate; campaign; contend; crusade; defend; fight back; fight down; oppose; press; push; struggle
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- have a punch-up

Verwante woorden van "fight":

Synoniemen voor "fight":

Verwante definities voor "fight":

  1. a boxing or wrestling match1
    • the fight was on television last night1
  2. a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war1
  3. the act of fighting; any contest or struggle1
    • a fight broke out at the hockey game1
  4. an aggressive willingness to compete1
    • the team was full of fight1
  5. an intense verbal dispute1
    • a violent fight over the bill is expected in the Senate1
  6. be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight1
    • the tribesmen fought each other1
    • Siblings are always fighting1
  7. fight against or resist strongly1
    • Don't fight it!1
  8. make a strenuous or labored effort1
    • He fought for breath1
  9. exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for1

Wiktionary: fight

  1. conflict of will, strife
  2. martial arts match
  3. physical confrontation
  4. battle
  5. occasion of fighting
  1. to counteract
  2. to engage in combat
  3. to contend in physical conflict
  1. guerre|fr combat général entre deux armées.
  2. action par laquelle on attaquer et l’on se défendre.
  1. livrer de petits combats.
  2. attaquer son ennemi, ou en soutenir l’attaque.
  3. Se prendre corps à corps avec quelqu’un pour le terrasser
  4. Participer à toute sorte de lutte
  5. Traductions à trier
  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens

Cross Translation:
fight combattre; lutter strijden — ondanks weerstand een doel proberen te bereiken
fight dispute ruzie — toestand waarin men in ernstig conflict is met anderen
fight combattre; se battre knokken — vechten
fight combattre bestrijden — de strijd aanbinden met iets of iemand
fight combat; lutte Kampfmilitärische Auseinandersetzung feindlicher Truppen
fight combat; lutte Kampfhandgreifliche Auseinandersetzung zwischen zwei oder mehreren Personen oder Parteien
fight bagarre; rixe Schlägereihandgreifliche Auseinandersetzung mindestens zweier Personen
fight battre kämpfen — verbale oder physische Auseinandersetzung von Gegnern
fight se battre raufenkämpfen ohne Waffen
fight se disputer; lutter streiten(sich mit jemandem um etwas streiten) einen aggressiven Kampf führen, um etwas zu erlangen

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