Uitgebreide vertaling voor intimate (Engels) in het Frans


intimate bijvoeglijk naamwoord

  1. intimate (confidential; private)
    • intime bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  2. intimate (confidential; private)
    confidentiel; confidentiellement; en confidence; intime; intimement
  3. intimate (familiar)
    familier; familièrement

intimate [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the intimate (friend; chum; pal)
    l'ami intime

to intimate werkwoord (intimates, intimated, intimating)

  1. to intimate (make one's opinion known; announce; impart; )
    annoncer; donner son opinion
    • annoncer werkwoord (annonce, annonces, annonçons, annoncez, )
    • donner son opinion werkwoord
  2. to intimate (propose; suggest)
    proposer; avancer; lancer
    • proposer werkwoord (propose, proposes, proposons, proposez, )
    • avancer werkwoord (avance, avances, avançons, avancez, )
    • lancer werkwoord (lance, lances, lançons, lancez, )

Conjugations for intimate:

  1. intimate
  2. intimate
  3. intimates
  4. intimate
  5. intimate
  6. intimate
simple past
  1. intimated
  2. intimated
  3. intimated
  4. intimated
  5. intimated
  6. intimated
present perfect
  1. have intimated
  2. have intimated
  3. has intimated
  4. have intimated
  5. have intimated
  6. have intimated
past continuous
  1. was intimating
  2. were intimating
  3. was intimating
  4. were intimating
  5. were intimating
  6. were intimating
  1. shall intimate
  2. will intimate
  3. will intimate
  4. shall intimate
  5. will intimate
  6. will intimate
continuous present
  1. am intimating
  2. are intimating
  3. is intimating
  4. are intimating
  5. are intimating
  6. are intimating
  1. be intimated
  2. be intimated
  3. be intimated
  4. be intimated
  5. be intimated
  6. be intimated
  1. intimate!
  2. let's intimate!
  3. intimated
  4. intimating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor intimate:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
ami intime chum; friend; intimate; pal buddy; business associate; chum; companion; comrade; fellow; friend; mate; pal; partner
avancer push forward
familier regular customer
lancer raising; throwing up
- confidant
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
annoncer announce; communicate; impart; inform; intimate; make one's opinion known; state advertise; advertize; announce; blazon out; broadcast; broadcast news report; broadcast the news; call; declare names; divulge something; give notice of; inform; issue; make known; make something public; notify; plug; proclaim; publish; report; send word; state; to declare; to decree; to ordain; trumpet forth
avancer intimate; propose; suggest advance; ascend; assert; be going to; bring forward; bring in; bring in money; bring up; broach; broach a subject; climb; contend; continue; cut into; demonstrate; do as if; express; express oneself; feign; forge ahead; forward; give expression to; go; go on; go onward; impersonate; improve; initiate; introduce; make a proposal; make head-way; make progress; march on; move; move on; move up; nominate; postulate; present; pretend; progress; prompt; propel; propose; push forward; put forward; put on the table; raise; reveal oneself; rise; sham; slide in front; speak; step onward; suggest; take it further; talk; to get promoted; utter; ventilate; walk
donner son opinion announce; communicate; impart; inform; intimate; make one's opinion known; state
lancer intimate; propose; suggest arrange; be off; begin; break; break into; bring in; bring up; broach; broach a subject; build; build up; cast; come forward with; commence; compose; construct; cough up; cut into; drop; fling; fly; get under way; heave; herald; hurl; initiate; introduce; introduce somebody to; launch; open; pitch; postulate; prompt; publish; put forward; put on the table; raise; release; ring in; rocket; set in motion; set up; shatter; start; start to; strike up; suggest; take off; take on; throw; throw down; throw in; throw in the air; throw off; throw on the ground; throw up; throw upward; toss in the air; toss up; turn out; undertake
proposer intimate; propose; suggest advise; appoint; bring forward; bring in; bring in money; bring up; broach; broach a subject; consider; cut; cut into; display; elect; hand in; hand over; initiate; introduce; lay before; make a proposal; nominate; offer; postulate; present; presume; presuppose; proffer; prompt; propose; propound; put forward; put on the table; raise; reap; recommend; sting; suggest; suppose; surmise; throw up; toss in the air; toss up; write out
- adumbrate; insinuate; suggest
Bijvoeglijk NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- cosy; cozy; familiar; informal; inner; internal; knowledgeable; sexual; versed
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- close; hint
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
confidentiel confidential; intimate; private
confidentiellement confidential; intimate; private
en confidence confidential; intimate; private
familier familiar; intimate agreeable; bold; casual; casually; chatty; comfortable; conciliatory; cosily; cosy; cozily; cozy; easy-going; enjoyable; familiar; in passing; informal; known; loosely; nice; on familiar terms with; passing; pleasant; pleasing; snug; snugly; sociable; trusted
familièrement familiar; intimate bold
intime confidential; intimate; private agreeable; chatty; comfortable; conciliatory; cosily; cosy; cozily; cozy; enjoyable; nice; pleasant; pleasing; snug; snugly; sociable
intimement confidential; intimate; private agreeable; chatty; comfortable; conciliatory; cosily; cosy; cozily; cozy; enjoyable; nice; pleasant; pleasing; snug; snugly; sociable

Verwante woorden van "intimate":

  • intimating, intimates, intimately, intimation

Synoniemen voor "intimate":

Verwante definities voor "intimate":

  1. having mutual interests or affections; of established friendship1
    • pretending she is on an intimate footing with those she slanders1
  2. marked by close acquaintance, association, or familiarity1
    • intimate friend1
    • intimate relations between economics, politics, and legal principles1
  3. thoroughly acquainted through study or experience1
    • this girl, so intimate with nature1
  4. having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere1
    • an intimate cocktail lounge1
    • the small room was cozy and intimate1
  5. innermost or essential1
    • the intimate structure of matter1
  6. involved in a sexual relationship1
    • the intimate (or sexual) relations between husband and wife1
    • she had been intimate with many men1
    • he touched her intimate parts1
  7. someone to whom private matters are confided1
  8. give to understand1
  9. imply as a possibility1

Wiktionary: intimate

  1. of or involved in a sexual relationship
  1. profondément intérieur, en parlant surtout de ce qui fait l’essence réelle d’une chose.

Cross Translation:
intimate intime intimvertraut, eng verbunden, innerst, innerlichst
intimate familier; intime traulichveraltet: sehr freundschaftlich, offenherzig

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