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Uitgebreide vertaling voor mysterious (Engels) in het Frans


mysterious bijvoeglijk naamwoord

  1. mysterious (enigmatic)
    mystérieux; mystérieuse; énigmatique; obscur; secret; mystérieusement

Vertaal Matrix voor mysterious:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
secret concealment; confidentiality; mysteriousness; mystery; privacy; secrecy; secret; secretiveness; stealth
Bijvoeglijk NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- cryptic; cryptical; deep; inscrutable; mystic; mystical; mystifying; occult; orphic; secret
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- odd; wierd
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
mystérieuse enigmatic; mysterious
mystérieusement enigmatic; mysterious
mystérieux enigmatic; mysterious
obscur enigmatic; mysterious bewildered; chaotic; complex; complicated; confused; cryptic; dark; deceitful; difficult; diffuse; disconcerted; disordered; dubious; flustered; grimy; inconvenient; indistinct; intricate; involved; malicious; mendacious; nasty; obscure; ominous; problematic; questionable; scary; shady; shifty; sinister; slimy; suspect; suspicious; uncertain; unclear; unlit; unreliable; vague
secret enigmatic; mysterious behind someone's back; clandestine; concealed; covert; covertly; cryptic; disguised; furtive; hidden; in disguise; in secret; malicious; mean; nasty; not saying much; on the quiet; on the sly; quietly; reserved; secret; secretive; secretly; silently; sneakily; sneaking; sneaky; softly; stealthily; stealthy; subterranean; surreptitiously; taciturn; tight-lipped; underground; underhand; undisclosed; unobserved; unperceived; unseen; veiled
énigmatique enigmatic; mysterious

Verwante woorden van "mysterious":

Synoniemen voor "mysterious":

Verwante definities voor "mysterious":

  1. having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding1
    • mysterious symbols1
  2. of an obscure nature1
    • the new insurance policy is written without cryptic or mysterious terms1
    • in its mysterious past it encompasses all the dim origins of life1

Wiktionary: mysterious

  1. of unknown origin
  1. Qui contient quelque mystère, quelque secret, quelque sens caché. Se dit proprement en matière de religion.

Cross Translation:
mysterious mystérieux; énigmatique raadselachtig — onbegrijpelijk door dubbelzinnige of verborgen informatie
mysterious mystérieux geheimnisvoll — den Anschein/Eindruck erweckend, etwas geheim zu bergen; ein Geheimnis erahnen/vermuten lassend; voller Geheimnisse beziehungsweise Rätsel; so, dass es nicht ganz erklärt oder erklärbar ist
mysterious mystérieux mysteriös — voller Geheimnisse, rätselhaft
mysterious abracadabrant rätselhaft — mit einem Rätsel behaftet, von einem Rätsel umgeben