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string [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the string (thread; yarn; cotton)
    le fil; la corde; le cordon
    • fil [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • corde [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • cordon [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
  2. the string (chord)
    la corde
    • corde [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
  3. the string (chain; series; sequence; concatenation; succession)
    la série
    • série [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
  4. the string (wisp; weft; trail)
    la filet; la traînée
    • filet [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • traînée [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
  5. the string (packthread; twine)
    la ficelles
  6. the string
    – A group of characters or character bytes handled as a single entity. Computer programs use strings to store and transmit data and commands. Most programming languages consider strings (such as 2674:gstmn) as distinct from numeric values (such as 470924). 1
    la chaîne
    • chaîne [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

to string werkwoord (strings, stringed, stringing)

  1. to string (tack up; lace; tie; cant)
    attacher; enfiler; lacer
    • attacher werkwoord (attache, attaches, attachons, attachez, )
    • enfiler werkwoord (enfile, enfiles, enfilons, enfilez, )
    • lacer werkwoord (lace, laces, laçons, lacez, )
  2. to string
    attacher; attacher avec un cordon
    • attacher werkwoord (attache, attaches, attachons, attachez, )

Conjugations for string:

  1. string
  2. string
  3. strings
  4. string
  5. string
  6. string
simple past
  1. stringed
  2. stringed
  3. stringed
  4. stringed
  5. stringed
  6. stringed
present perfect
  1. have stringed
  2. have stringed
  3. has stringed
  4. have stringed
  5. have stringed
  6. have stringed
past continuous
  1. was stringing
  2. were stringing
  3. was stringing
  4. were stringing
  5. were stringing
  6. were stringing
  1. shall string
  2. will string
  3. will string
  4. shall string
  5. will string
  6. will string
continuous present
  1. am stringing
  2. are stringing
  3. is stringing
  4. are stringing
  5. are stringing
  6. are stringing
  1. be stringed
  2. be stringed
  3. be stringed
  4. be stringed
  5. be stringed
  6. be stringed
  1. string!
  2. let's string!
  3. stringed
  4. stringing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor string:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
chaîne string T.V. channel; chain; chainlet; channel; circlet; cuff; fetter; necklace; network; ring; row; shackle; skid chain; snow chain; warp; web
corde chord; cotton; string; thread; yarn cable; chain; cord; file; flex; guy-rope; hawser; line; rank; rope; row; stripe; wire
cordon cotton; string; thread; yarn belt; bit of rope; bit of string; cordon; flex; foot-strap; hair ribbon; headband; line; piece of rope; piece of string; ribbon; sash
ficelles packthread; string; twine binder twines; bits of rope; cords; laces; ropes; strings
fil cotton; string; thread; yarn angling line; board; board of directors; board of managers; cable; committee; cord; cotton; direction; fishing-line; flex; lead; line; management; ripcord; supervision; thread; wire; yarn
filet string; trail; weft; wisp board; board of directors; board of managers; cable; committee; cotton; direction; filet; fillet; flex; management; network; piping; safety net; string of the tongue; supervision; tennis net; thread; web; wire; yarn
série chain; concatenation; sequence; series; string; succession chain; cycle; cyclus; gamma; gamut; row; scale; sequence; series; spectrum; succession
traînée string; trail; weft; wisp bitch; sloven; slut; trollop
- bowed stringed instrument; chain; cosmic string; drawing string; drawstring; strand; train; twine
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
attacher cant; lace; string; tack up; tie adhere; affix; attach; attach to; bind; bind fast; bind round; bind together; bind up; binding; bookbinding; buckle; burn; button; button up; cake on; cling; combine; confirm; connect; couple; crust; fasten; fasten to a rope; fix; glue; glue together; gum; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; join; knot; lash; link; moor; paste; paste in; paste on; paste together; patch; pinion; secure; stick; stick to the pan; stick together; strap; suture; tie; tie on; tie together; tie up; unite
attacher avec un cordon string
enfiler cant; lace; string; tack up; tie change tack; slip on; tack
lacer cant; lace; string; tack up; tie change tack; lace up; tack
- draw; string along; string up; thread

Verwante woorden van "string":

Synoniemen voor "string":

Antoniemen van "string":

  • unstring

Verwante definities voor "string":

  1. stringed instruments that are played with a bow2
    • the strings played superlatively well2
  2. a necklace made by a stringing objects together2
    • a string of beads2
  3. a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening2
  4. a lightweight cord2
  5. a tightly stretched cord of wire or gut, which makes sound when plucked, struck, or bowed2
  6. a collection of objects threaded on a single strand2
  7. a linear sequence of symbols (characters or words or phrases)2
  8. a sequentially ordered set of things or events or ideas in which each successive member is related to the preceding2
    • a string of islands2
  9. (cosmology) a hypothetical one-dimensional subatomic particle having a concentration of energy and the dynamic properties of a flexible loop2
  10. a tough piece of fiber in vegetables, meat, or other food (especially the tough fibers connecting the two halves of a bean pod)2
  11. add as if on a string2
    • string these ideas together2
  12. provide with strings2
    • string my guitar2
  13. thread on or as if on a string2
    • string pearls on a string2
    • the child drew glass beads on a string2
  14. remove the stringy parts of2
    • string beans2
  15. string together; tie or fasten with a string2
    • string the package2
  16. stretch out or arrange like a string2
  17. move or come along2
  18. A group of characters or character bytes handled as a single entity. Computer programs use strings to store and transmit data and commands. Most programming languages consider strings (such as 2674:gstmn) as distinct from numeric values (such as 470924).1

Wiktionary: string

  1. long, thin structure made from twisted threads
  2. this structure as a substance
  3. series of items or events
  4. computing: sequence of characters
  5. stringed instruments section
  1. put on a string
  1. prog|fr type de données texte : suite de caractères formant généralement un mot ou une phrase.
  2. programmation|fr Suite de caractères comme une entité, délimitée par des guillemets (") dans beaucoup de langage de programmation.
  3. (Musique) Fil de boyau ou de métal, etc., que l’on tend sur certains instruments de musique
  4. boyau tendu sur un instrument
  5. Petite corde dont une plus grosse corde est composée.
  6. Petite corde dont on se sert ordinairement pour lier des paquets
  7. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  1. détacher une chose du fil du cordon où elle passer.

Cross Translation:
string régime; grappe tros — de bundel vruchten die uit een dergelijke bloeiwijze voortkomen
string corde snaar — een lang zeer dun rond en flexibel voorwerp
string enfiler aanrijgen — aan een draad rijgen
string corde; ficelle Schnur — robustes Textilgeflecht in länglicher Form

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