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  1. topical:


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- of current interest; of great current interest; of great immediate interest

Verwante woorden van "topical":

  • topically

Synoniemen voor "topical":

Verwante definities voor "topical":

  1. of interest at the present time1
    • a topical reference1
    • a topical and timely study of civil liberty1
  2. pertaining to the surface of a body part1
    • a drug for topical (or local) application1
    • a topical anesthesia1
  3. of or relating to or arranged by topics1
    • a detailed record on both a chronological and a topical basis1

Wiktionary: topical

  1. plaatselijk

Cross Translation:
topical in de mode; mode-; in zwang; modieus; actueel; tegenwoordig; huidig actuel — Qui se traduit par des actes.

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