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Uitgebreide vertaling voor dribble (Engels) in het Nederlands


to dribble werkwoord (dribbles, dribbled, dribbling)

  1. to dribble (slaver; slobber; jabber; )
    kwijlen; zeveren
    • kwijlen werkwoord (kwijl, kwijlt, kwijlde, kwijlden, gekwijld)
    • zeveren werkwoord (zever, zevert, zeverde, zeverden, gezeverd)
  2. to dribble
    dribbelen met de bal; dribbelen
  3. to dribble (ooze; drip; trickle; drain; exude)
    uitlekken; afdruipen; afdruppelen; uitdruipen; uitdruppelen
    • uitlekken werkwoord (lek uit, lekt uit, lekte uit, lekten uit, uitgelekt)
    • afdruipen werkwoord (druip af, druipt af, droop af, dropen af, afgedropen)
    • afdruppelen werkwoord (druppel af, druppelt af, druppelde af, druppelden af, afgedruppeld)
    • uitdruipen werkwoord (druip uit, druipt uit, droop uit, dropen uit, uitgedropen)
    • uitdruppelen werkwoord (druppel uit, druppelt uit, druppelde uit, druppelden uit, uitgedruppeld)

Conjugations for dribble:

  1. dribble
  2. dribble
  3. dribbles
  4. dribble
  5. dribble
  6. dribble
simple past
  1. dribbled
  2. dribbled
  3. dribbled
  4. dribbled
  5. dribbled
  6. dribbled
present perfect
  1. have dribbled
  2. have dribbled
  3. has dribbled
  4. have dribbled
  5. have dribbled
  6. have dribbled
past continuous
  1. was dribbling
  2. were dribbling
  3. was dribbling
  4. were dribbling
  5. were dribbling
  6. were dribbling
  1. shall dribble
  2. will dribble
  3. will dribble
  4. shall dribble
  5. will dribble
  6. will dribble
continuous present
  1. am dribbling
  2. are dribbling
  3. is dribbling
  4. are dribbling
  5. are dribbling
  6. are dribbling
  1. be dribbled
  2. be dribbled
  3. be dribbled
  4. be dribbled
  5. be dribbled
  6. be dribbled
  1. dribble!
  2. let's dribble!
  3. dribbled
  4. dribbling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor dribble:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
afdruipen drain; drain dry
afdruppelen drain; drain dry
kwijlen dribbling
uitdruipen drain; drain dry
uitdruppelen drain; drain dry
zeveren drooling
- dribbling; drip; drivel; drool; slobber; trickle
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
afdruipen drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle drip; drop; ooze; pitter; seep; trickle
afdruppelen drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle
dribbelen dribble
dribbelen met de bal dribble
kwijlen babble; blab; chat; chatter; dribble; drone on; gab; jabber; prattle; prattle on; slaver; slobber; talk crap; talk rubbish; waffle
uitdruipen drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle
uitdruppelen drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle drip; drop; pitter; trickle
uitlekken drain; dribble; drip; exude; ooze; trickle
zeveren babble; blab; chat; chatter; dribble; drone on; gab; jabber; prattle; prattle on; slaver; slobber; talk crap; talk rubbish; waffle babble; blab; chat; chatter; drivel; gab; have a chat; jabber; jaw; prattle; prattle on; rot; talk crap; talk rot; talk rubbish; twaddle
- carry; drip; drivel; drool; drop; filter; slabber; slaver; slobber; trickle
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- slaver; slobber

Verwante woorden van "dribble":

Synoniemen voor "dribble":

Verwante definities voor "dribble":

  1. the propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks1
  2. saliva spilling from the mouth1
  3. flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid1
  4. let saliva drivel from the mouth1
  5. propel,1
    • dribble the ball1
  6. let or cause to fall in drops1
    • dribble oil into the mixture1
  7. run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream1
    • reports began to dribble in1

Wiktionary: dribble

  1. small amount of liquid
  2. sport
  1. to let something fall in drips
  2. to move the ball, by repeated light kicks
  3. to advance by dribbling
  4. to bounce the ball with one hand at a time
  5. to run with the ball, controlling its path with the feet
  6. to let saliva drip from the mouth
  7. to fall in drops or an unsteady stream

Cross Translation:
dribble dribbelen dribbelnSport: einen Ball mit kurzen Stößen in eine bestimmte Richtung treiben und dabei laufen