Uitgebreide vertaling voor friendly (Engels) in het Nederlands


friendly bijvoeglijk naamwoord

  1. friendly (kind; kindly; obliging)
  2. friendly
  3. friendly (jovial; genial)
    joviaal; gemoedelijk
  4. friendly (amicable; amicably; kindly; kind)
    amicaal; vriendschappelijk; kameraadschappelijk
  5. friendly (affable; amiable; benign; taking; bland)
    innemend; minzaam; charmant; genegenheid opwekkend
  6. friendly (amiable; charming; sweet; lovely)
    charmant; bekoorlijk; aimabel

Vertaal Matrix voor friendly:

Bijvoeglijk NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aimabel amiable; charming; friendly; lovely; sweet
amicaal amicable; amicably; friendly; kind; kindly
bekoorlijk amiable; charming; friendly; lovely; sweet adorable; alluring; appealing; attracting; attractive; charming; cute; desireable; dinky; enchanting; entrancing; inviting; lovely; most charming; pretty; sweet; sweetest; tempting
bevriend friendly
charmant affable; amiable; benign; bland; charming; friendly; lovely; sweet; taking adorable; alluring; appealing; attractive; charming; congenial; cute; dinky; enchanting; endearing; engaging; entrancing; likable; lovely; most charming; nice; pretty; sweet; sweetest; winsome
gemoedelijk friendly; genial; jovial
innemend affable; amiable; benign; bland; friendly; taking
joviaal friendly; genial; jovial
kameraadschappelijk amicable; amicably; friendly; kind; kindly
minzaam affable; amiable; benign; bland; friendly; taking
vriendschappelijk amicable; amicably; friendly; kind; kindly
- favorable; favourable; well-disposed
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- collegial; collegiate; propitious; well-disposed
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
genegenheid opwekkend affable; amiable; benign; bland; friendly; taking
vriendelijke friendly; kind; kindly; obliging

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Verwante definities voor "friendly":

  1. characteristic of or befitting a friend1
    • friendly advice1
    • a friendly neighborhood1
    • the only friendly person here1
    • a friendly host and hostess1
  2. of or belonging to your own country's forces or those of an ally1
    • in friendly territory1
    • he was accidentally killed by friendly fire1
  3. easy to understand or use1
    • user-friendly computers1
    • a consumer-friendly policy1
    • a reader-friendly novel1
  4. inclined to help or support; not antagonistic or hostile1
    • a government friendly to our interests1
  5. troops belonging to or allied with your own military forces1
  6. Referring to features built into hardware or software that make a computer or computer program easy to learn and easy to use. Friendliness is emphasized by most developers and sought after by most users.2

Wiktionary: friendly

  1. someone of the same side
  2. (sports) game
  1. in a friendly manner
  1. without hostility
  2. pertaining to friendlies in the conflict sense
  3. characteristic of friendliness
  4. warm, approachable
  1. aardig en vriendschappelijk in omgang
  2. met het nodige respect

Cross Translation:
friendly vriendelijk freundlich — im Umgang mit einer anderen Person höflich und zuvorkommend
friendly aardig; beminnelijk; lief; vriendelijk; voorkomend aimable — Qui mériter d’aimer.
friendly amicaal; bevriend; vriendschappelijk amical — Qui faire preuve d’amitié.
friendly gemoedelijk bon enfant — péjoratif|fr Bien simple, naïf.

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