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  1. pass on:
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Uitgebreide vertaling voor pass on (Engels) in het Nederlands

pass on:

to pass on werkwoord (passes on, passed on, passing on)

  1. to pass on (blab; tell; feed)
    doorgeven; doorvertellen; rondvertellen; doorspelen; rondbrieven
    • doorgeven werkwoord (geef door, geeft door, gaf door, gaven door, doorgegeven)
    • doorvertellen werkwoord (vertel door, vertelt door, vertelde door, vertelden door, doorverteld)
    • rondvertellen werkwoord (vertel rond, vertelt rond, vertelde rond, vertelden rond, rondverteld)
    • doorspelen werkwoord (speel door, speelt door, speelde door, speelden door, doorgespeeld)
    • rondbrieven werkwoord (brief rond, brieft rond, briefde rond, briefden rond, rondgebriefd)
  2. to pass on
    doorgeven; verder geven
    • doorgeven werkwoord (geef door, geeft door, gaf door, gaven door, doorgegeven)
    • verder geven werkwoord (geef verder, geeft verder, gaf verder, gaven verder, verder gegeven)
  3. to pass on (hand on)
    doorgeven; verder reiken

Conjugations for pass on:

  1. pass on
  2. pass on
  3. passes on
  4. pass on
  5. pass on
  6. pass on
simple past
  1. passed on
  2. passed on
  3. passed on
  4. passed on
  5. passed on
  6. passed on
present perfect
  1. have passed on
  2. have passed on
  3. has passed on
  4. have passed on
  5. have passed on
  6. have passed on
past continuous
  1. was passing on
  2. were passing on
  3. was passing on
  4. were passing on
  5. were passing on
  6. were passing on
  1. shall pass on
  2. will pass on
  3. will pass on
  4. shall pass on
  5. will pass on
  6. will pass on
continuous present
  1. am passing on
  2. are passing on
  3. is passing on
  4. are passing on
  5. are passing on
  6. are passing on
  1. be passed on
  2. be passed on
  3. be passed on
  4. be passed on
  5. be passed on
  6. be passed on
  1. pass on!
  2. let's pass on!
  3. passed on
  4. passing on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor pass on:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
doorgeven blab; feed; hand on; pass on; tell propagate
doorspelen blab; feed; pass on; tell
doorvertellen blab; feed; pass on; tell
rondbrieven blab; feed; pass on; tell
rondvertellen blab; feed; pass on; tell
verder geven pass on
verder reiken hand on; pass on
- advance; circulate; communicate; distribute; give; go on; hand; impart; leave; march on; move on; pass; pass along; pass around; progress; put across; reach; relegate; submit; turn over

Synoniemen voor "pass on":

Antoniemen van "pass on":

  • recede

Verwante definities voor "pass on":

  1. transmit information 1
  2. move forward, also in the metaphorical sense1
  3. cause be distributed1
  4. give to or transfer possession of1
  5. place into the hands or custody of1
  6. transmit (knowledge or skills)1
  7. refer to another person for decision or judgment1

Wiktionary: pass on

pass on
  1. to convey or communicate
pass on
  1. iets wat men ontvangen heeft aan de volgende persoon geven

Cross Translation:
pass on nalaten léguerdonner par testament ou par autre acte de dernier volonté.

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