Uitgebreide vertaling voor protest (Engels) in het Nederlands


protest [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the protest (contradiction; objection)
    de tegenspraak; het verzet; het protest; de tegenwerping; opwerping
  2. the protest (public protest; campaign; rally; demonstration)
    de actie; publieke betoging; de protestbijeenkomst

to protest werkwoord (protests, protested, protesting)

  1. to protest (object; refute; remonstrate; rebut; deny)
    protesteren; tegenspreken; tegenwerpen; weerspreken
    • protesteren werkwoord (protesteer, protesteert, protesteerde, protesteerden, geprotesteerd)
    • tegenspreken werkwoord (spreek tegen, spreekt tegen, sprak tegen, spraken tegen, tegengesproken)
    • tegenwerpen werkwoord (werp tegen, werpt tegen, wierp tegen, wierpen tegen, tegengeworpen)
    • weerspreken werkwoord (weerspreek, weerspreekt, weersprak, weerspraken, weersproken)
  2. to protest (complain; object)
    reclameren; eisen
    • reclameren werkwoord (reclameer, reclameert, reclameerde, reclameerden, gereclameerd)
    • eisen werkwoord (eis, eist, eiste, eisten, geëist)
  3. to protest (appeal; lodge an appeal)
    appelleren; appèl aantekenen
  4. to protest (contradict; rebut; object)
    weerspreken; in tegenspraak zijn met; tegenspreken

Conjugations for protest:

  1. protest
  2. protest
  3. protests
  4. protest
  5. protest
  6. protest
simple past
  1. protested
  2. protested
  3. protested
  4. protested
  5. protested
  6. protested
present perfect
  1. have protested
  2. have protested
  3. has protested
  4. have protested
  5. have protested
  6. have protested
past continuous
  1. was protesting
  2. were protesting
  3. was protesting
  4. were protesting
  5. were protesting
  6. were protesting
  1. shall protest
  2. will protest
  3. will protest
  4. shall protest
  5. will protest
  6. will protest
continuous present
  1. am protesting
  2. are protesting
  3. is protesting
  4. are protesting
  5. are protesting
  6. are protesting
  1. be protested
  2. be protested
  3. be protested
  4. be protested
  5. be protested
  6. be protested
  1. protest!
  2. let's protest!
  3. protested
  4. protesting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor protest:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
actie campaign; demonstration; protest; public protest; rally act; action; deed
opwerping contradiction; objection; protest
protest contradiction; objection; protest
protestbijeenkomst campaign; demonstration; protest; public protest; rally
publieke betoging campaign; demonstration; protest; public protest; rally
tegenspraak contradiction; objection; protest
tegenwerping contradiction; objection; protest
verzet contradiction; objection; protest rebellion; relaxation; resistance; revolt; riot
- dissent; objection; protestation
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
appelleren appeal; lodge an appeal; protest appeal; lodge an appeal
appèl aantekenen appeal; lodge an appeal; protest appeal; lodge an appeal
eisen complain; object; protest claim; demand; lay claim to; require
in tegenspraak zijn met contradict; object; protest; rebut
protesteren deny; object; protest; rebut; refute; remonstrate bluster; complain; crackle; fight back; grumble; mumble; mutter; resist; sputter; struggle
reclameren complain; object; protest
tegenspreken contradict; deny; object; protest; rebut; refute; remonstrate raise objections
tegenwerpen deny; object; protest; rebut; refute; remonstrate raise objections
weerspreken contradict; deny; object; protest; rebut; refute; remonstrate
- dissent; resist
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
verzet contested

Synoniemen voor "protest":

Verwante definities voor "protest":

  1. the act of protesting; a public (often organized) manifestation of dissent1
  2. a formal and solemn declaration of objection1
    • they finished the game under protest to the league president1
    • the senator rose to register his protest1
  3. the act of making a strong public expression of disagreement and disapproval1
    • he shouted his protests at the umpire1
    • a shower of protest was heard from the rear of the hall1
  4. utter words of protest1
  5. affirm or avow formally or solemnly1
    • The suspect protested his innocence1
  6. express opposition through action or words1

Wiktionary: protest

  1. to make a strong objection
  1. formal objection
  2. translations to be checked
  1. een uiting van ontevredenheid met het gevolgde beleid
  1. grote bezwaren uiten
  2. al mopperend protesteren

Cross Translation:
protest aanvechten; bestrijden; betwisten; tegenspreken contester — Mettre en discussion ce que quelqu’un revendique.
protest aanvechten; bestrijden; betwisten; tegenspreken disputer — Être en discussion plus ou moins vif à propos d’opinions, d’intérêts.
protest bezwaar; tegenwerping; protest protestationdéclaration solennelle que quelqu’un faire de ses dispositions, de sa volonté ; promesse formelle, assurance positif.
protest bestrijden; betwisten; protest aantekenen; protesteren protesterpromettre formellement, assurer positivement, solennellement.

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