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Uitgebreide vertaling voor variation (Engels) in het Nederlands


variation [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the variation
    de variëteit; de variatie; de afwisseling; de verandering; de keuze

Vertaal Matrix voor variation:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
afwisseling variation
keuze variation anthology; assortment; choice; choice selection of texts; election; fancy; liking; preference; selection; taste; vote
variatie variation
variëteit variation
verandering variation alteration; altering; amendment; bending; change; change of form; changing; conversion; modification; mutation; reformation; remodelling; transformation; transposition; turn
- edition; fluctuation; magnetic declination; magnetic variation; mutant; mutation; pas seul; sport; variance; variant; version
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- change; deviation; modulation

Verwante woorden van "variation":

Synoniemen voor "variation":

Verwante definities voor "variation":

  1. an activity that varies from a norm or standard1
    • any variation in his routine was immediately reported1
  2. the act of changing or altering something slightly but noticeably from the norm or standard1
    • who is responsible for these variations in taxation?1
  3. (ballet) a solo dance or dance figure1
  4. an artifact that deviates from a norm or standard1
    • he patented a variation on the sandal1
  5. something a little different from others of the same type1
    • an emery wheel is the modern variation of a grindstone1
  6. a repetition of a musical theme in which it is modified or embellished1
  7. an instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change1
  8. (biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration1
  9. (astronomy) any perturbation of the mean motion or orbit of a planet or satellite (especially a perturbation of the earth's moon)1
  10. the process of varying or being varied1
  11. the angle (at a particular location) between magnetic north and true north1

Wiktionary: variation

  1. variatie
  2. vorm die een beetje van een andere afwijkt


to variate werkwoord (variates, variated, variating)

  1. to variate (vary; diverge; differ; alternate with; range)
    variëren; veranderen; uiteenlopen; verschillen; afwisselen; wisselen
    • variëren werkwoord (varieer, varieert, varieerde, varieerden, gevarieerd)
    • veranderen werkwoord (verander, verandert, veranderde, veranderden, veranderd)
    • uiteenlopen werkwoord (loop uiteen, loopt uiteen, liep uiteen, liepen uiteen, uiteengelopen)
    • verschillen werkwoord (verschil, verschilt, verschilde, verschilden, verschild)
    • afwisselen werkwoord (wissel af, wisselt af, wisselde af, wisselden af, afgewisseld)
    • wisselen werkwoord (wissel, wisselt, wisselde, wisselden, gewisseld)

Conjugations for variate:

  1. variate
  2. variate
  3. variates
  4. variate
  5. variate
  6. variate
simple past
  1. variated
  2. variated
  3. variated
  4. variated
  5. variated
  6. variated
present perfect
  1. have variated
  2. have variated
  3. has variated
  4. have variated
  5. have variated
  6. have variated
past continuous
  1. was variating
  2. were variating
  3. was variating
  4. were variating
  5. were variating
  6. were variating
  1. shall variate
  2. will variate
  3. will variate
  4. shall variate
  5. will variate
  6. will variate
continuous present
  1. am variating
  2. are variating
  3. is variating
  4. are variating
  5. are variating
  6. are variating
  1. be variated
  2. be variated
  3. be variated
  4. be variated
  5. be variated
  6. be variated
  1. variate!
  2. let's variate!
  3. variated
  4. variating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor variate:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
veranderen alteration; altering; amending; change; change of form; changing; conversion; modifying; mutation; reformation; remodelling; transformation; transposition
verschillen differing; diverge
- chance variable; random variable; stochastic variable; variant
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
afwisselen alternate with; differ; diverge; range; variate; vary alter; change; create; interchange; invent; make; switch; transform; vary
uiteenlopen alternate with; differ; diverge; range; variate; vary
variëren alternate with; differ; diverge; range; variate; vary fluctuate; vary
veranderen alternate with; differ; diverge; range; variate; vary alter; change; create; interchange; invent; make; metamorphose; modify; reform; reshape; rewrite; switch; transform; transmute; vary
verschillen alternate with; differ; diverge; range; variate; vary deviate; differ; differ from; make a difference
wisselen alternate with; differ; diverge; range; variate; vary barter; change; change for; convert; exchange; interchange; shunt; swap; switch; swop; trade; trade in

Verwante woorden van "variate":

Synoniemen voor "variate":

  • random variable; variant; stochastic variable; chance variable; variable; variable quantity

Verwante definities voor "variate":

  1. a variable quantity that is random1