Uitgebreide vertaling voor running (Engels) in het Zweeds


running [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the running (coming and going; trotting; walking; walking around)
  2. the running (racing)

running bijvoeglijk naamwoord

  1. running
  2. running (trough; continuous; non stop)
    kontinuerlig; kontinuerligt
  3. running (running well; ongoing)
    löpande; pågående
  4. running (jogging; running a race)
    hoppande; hoppandet

Vertaal Matrix voor running:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
hoppande hopping; jumping; skipping
komande och gående coming and going; running; trotting; walking; walking around
pågående continuing; lasting
racande racing; running
springande running
- run; running game; running play; track
Bijvoeglijk NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- functional; linear; operative; working
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
bedrivande carrying on; keeping; running
rännande running
spring running
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
hoppande jogging; running; running a race by leaps; jumping; leaping; skipping; with jumps
hoppandet jogging; running; running a race jumping; leaping
kontinuerlig continuous; non stop; running; trough all along; all the time; connected; constant; continual; continuous; everlasting; laced; lasting; non stop; permanent; persistent; repeated; restless; unbroken; unceasing; undisturbed; uninterrupted; unremitting; untiring
kontinuerligt continuous; non stop; running; trough constant; continuous; everlasting; lasting; non stop; persistent; repeated; uninterrupted; unremitting
löpande ongoing; running; running well
pågående ongoing; running; running well continued; went on
springande running

Synoniemen voor "running":

Antoniemen van "running":

Verwante definities voor "running":

  1. continually repeated over a period of time1
    • a running joke among us1
  2. (of e.g. a machine) performing or capable of performing1
    • in running (or working) order1
  3. executed or initiated by running1
    • running plays worked better than pass plays1
    • took a running jump1
    • a running start1
  4. (of fluids) moving or issuing in a stream1
    • as mountain stream with freely running water1
    • hovels without running water1
  5. of advancing the ball by running1
    • the team's running plays worked better than its pass plays1
  6. measured lengthwise1
    • cost of lumber per running foot1
  7. the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace1
  8. the act of participating in an athletic competition involving running on a track1
  9. (American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team1
    • the coach put great emphasis on running1
  10. the act of administering or being in charge of something1
    • he has responsibility for the running of two companies at the same time1
  11. the state of being in operation1
    • the engine is running smoothly1

Wiktionary: running

Cross Translation:
running löpning LaufenSport: eine Sportart, bei der die Laufbewegung für den Sportler im Vordergrund steht


to run werkwoord (runs, ran, running)

  1. to run (sprint; race)
    – the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace 1
    springa; löpa; fly; ila; ränna
    • springa werkwoord (springer, sprang, sprungit)
    • löpa werkwoord (löper, löpte, löpt)
    • fly werkwoord (flyr, flydde, flytt)
    • ila werkwoord (ilar, ilade, ilat)
    • ränna werkwoord (räner, rände, ränt)
  2. to run (flow; stream)
    – move along, of liquids 1
    strömma; rinna
    • strömma werkwoord (strömmar, strömmade, strömmat)
    • rinna werkwoord (rinner, rann, runnit)
  3. to run (administer; manage)
    förvalta; sköta; administrera
    • förvalta werkwoord (förvaltar, förvaltade, förvaltat)
    • sköta werkwoord (sköter, skötte, skött)
    • administrera werkwoord (administrerar, administrerade, administrerat)
  4. to run (scamper; race)
    kila; skutta
    • kila werkwoord (kilar, kilade, kilat)
    • skutta werkwoord (skuttar, skuttade, skuttat)
  5. to run (sprint; scamper; rush; race)
    • springa werkwoord (springer, sprang, sprungit)
  6. to run (be going to; go; move; pass; walk)
    ; gå till; ge sig iväg; röra
    • werkwoord (går, gick, gått)
    • gå till werkwoord (går till, gick till, gått till)
    • ge sig iväg werkwoord (ger sig iväg, gav sig iväg, givit sig iväg)
    • röra werkwoord (rör, rörde, rört)
  7. to run (gush; pour)
    forsa; strömma
    • forsa werkwoord (forsar, forsade, forsat)
    • strömma werkwoord (strömmar, strömmade, strömmat)
  8. to run (melt)
    • smälta werkwoord (smälter, smälte, smält)
  9. to run (ladder)
    – come unraveled or undone as if by snagging 1
    • löpa werkwoord (löper, löpte, löpt)
  10. to run (come down in torrents; gush; flow; pour)
    – the pouring forth of a fluid 1
    flyta; ösregna; ösa ner; strömma ner
    • flyta werkwoord (flytar, flytade, flytat)
    • ösregna werkwoord (ösregnar, ösregnade, ösregnat)
    • ösa ner werkwoord (öser ner, öste ner, öst ner)
    • strömma ner werkwoord (strömmar ner, strömmade ner, strömmat ner)

Conjugations for run:

  1. run
  2. run
  3. runs
  4. run
  5. run
  6. run
simple past
  1. ran
  2. ran
  3. ran
  4. ran
  5. ran
  6. ran
present perfect
  1. have run
  2. have run
  3. has run
  4. have run
  5. have run
  6. have run
past continuous
  1. was running
  2. were running
  3. was running
  4. were running
  5. were running
  6. were running
  1. shall run
  2. will run
  3. will run
  4. shall run
  5. will run
  6. will run
continuous present
  1. am running
  2. are running
  3. is running
  4. are running
  5. are running
  6. are running
  1. be run
  2. be run
  3. be run
  4. be run
  5. be run
  6. be run
  1. run!
  2. let's run!
  3. run
  4. running
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

run [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the run (race; marathon; sprints)
    – a race run on foot 1
    lopp; löpning; sprinterlopp
  2. the run (storming; attack; assault; )
  3. the run (ladder)
    – a row of unravelled stitches 1
    • stege zelfstandig naamwoord
  4. the run (rush; assaults)
    rusning; anstormning; tillströmning

Vertaal Matrix voor run:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
anstormning assaults; run; rush
lopp marathon; race; run; sprints course; race
löpning marathon; race; run; sprints
rusning assaults; run; rush flow; influx; rush; squash; stampede
ränna furrow; gully
röra accumulation; bag and baggage; bungling; caboodle; chaos; congestion; debris; discards; dredging; hodgepodge; hotchpotch; hotpot; jumble; mash; mayhem; medley; mess; mess up; messing; messing about; mishmash; mountain; muddle; muddling; rubbish; trash
smälta melt
springa cleft; crack; cranny; crevice; fissure; gap; groove; notch; opening; recess; slot; space; split; trench
sprinterlopp marathon; race; run; sprints
stege ladder; run
stormning assault; attack; raid; run; rush; scaling; storming
tillströmning assaults; run; rush inflow; influx; stream
- campaign; discharge; foot race; footrace; ladder; outpouring; political campaign; ravel; rill; rivulet; runnel; running; running game; running play; streak; streamlet; tally; test; trial
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
administrera administer; manage; run administer; apply; nurse; pour in
fly race; run; sprint be off; break away; break away from; clear off; desert; do a moonlight flit; elude; escape; flee; fly; get away; go with the wind; run away; run off; walk away; walk off; walk out
flyta come down in torrents; flow; gush; pour; run bob; float
forsa gush; pour; run
förvalta administer; manage; run administer; pour in
ge sig iväg be going to; go; move; pass; run; walk make off; make oneself scarce
be going to; go; move; pass; run; walk cover; do; go; travel; traverse; walk
gå till be going to; go; move; pass; run; walk
ila race; run; sprint get a move on; hasten; hurry; hurry up; make haste; rouse; rush; storm
kila race; run; scamper
lopp race; run a race
löpa ladder; race; run; sprint
rinna flow; run; stream
ränna race; run; sprint
röra be going to; go; move; pass; run; walk affect; agitate; concern; glance; hit; instigate; just touch; mix; move; poke; poke up; regard; relate to; stir; strike; tag; tap; tick; touch; touch upon
skutta race; run; scamper frolic; hop
sköta administer; manage; run administer; apply; care; cope with; look after; manage; nurse; nurture; take care of
smälta melt; run digest; dissolve; fuse; fuze; make melt; melt; melt away; stomach; swallow
springa race; run; rush; scamper; sprint race
strömma flow; gush; pour; run; stream course; flow; gush; result; stream; undulate; wave
strömma ner come down in torrents; flow; gush; pour; run
ösa ner come down in torrents; flow; gush; pour; run
ösregna come down in torrents; flow; gush; pour; run pelt; pour with rain; rain cats and dogs
- be given; black market; bleed; campaign; carry; consort; course; die hard; draw; endure; execute; extend; feed; flow; function; go; guide; hunt; hunt down; incline; ladder; lead; lean; melt; melt down; move; operate; pass; persist; play; ply; prevail; race; range; run for; tend; track down; unravel; work
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
löp run
ranta run
sikt run; sieve; sight; view; visibility

Verwante woorden van "run":

Synoniemen voor "run":

Antoniemen van "run":

Verwante definities voor "run":

  1. a score in baseball made by a runner touching all four bases safely1
    • the Yankees scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th1
  2. the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace1
    • he broke into a run1
    • his daily run keeps him fit1
  3. a regular trip1
    • the ship made its run in record time1
  4. a short trip1
    • take a run into town1
  5. (American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team1
    • the defensive line braced to stop the run1
  6. the act of testing something1
  7. an unbroken chronological sequence1
    • the play had a long run on Broadway1
    • the team enjoyed a brief run of victories1
  8. the pouring forth of a fluid1
  9. a row of unravelled stitches1
    • she got a run in her stocking1
  10. a race run on foot1
    • she broke the record for the half-mile run1
  11. a race between candidates for elective office1
    • he is raising money for a Senate run1
  12. an unbroken series of events1
    • Nicklaus had a run of birdies1
  13. a small stream1
  14. the production achieved during a continuous period of operation (of a machine or factory etc.)1
    • a daily run of 100,000 gallons of paint1
  15. unrestricted freedom to use1
    • he has the run of the house1
  16. the continuous period of time during which something (a machine or a factory) operates or continues in operation1
    • the assembly line was on a 12-hour run1
  17. become undone1
  18. come unraveled or undone as if by snagging1
    • Her nylons were running1
  19. reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating1
  20. cause to perform1
    • run a subject1
    • run a process1
  21. progress by being changed1
    • run through your presentation before the meeting1
  22. change from one state to another1
    • run amok1
    • run rogue1
    • run riot1
  23. compete in a race1
    • he is running the Marathon this year1
  24. run, stand, or compete for an office or a position1
    • Who's running for treasurer this year?1
  25. pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)1
    • The dogs are running deer1
  26. pass over, across, or through1
    • He ran his eyes over her body1
    • She ran her fingers along the carved figurine1
  27. perform as expected when applied1
    • Does this old car still run well?1
  28. be operating, running or functioning1
    • The car is still running--turn it off!1
  29. carry out1
    • run an errand1
  30. cause to emit recorded audio or video1
    • They ran the tapes over and over again1
  31. include as the content; broadcast or publicize1
    • We ran the ad three times1
    • This paper carries a restaurant review1
  32. travel a route regularly1
  33. cover by running; run a certain distance1
    • She ran 10 miles that day1
  34. move fast by using one's feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time1
    • Don't run--you'll be out of breath1
    • The children ran to the store1
  35. travel rapidly, by any (unspecified) means1
    • She always runs to Italy, because she has a lover there1
  36. run with the ball; in such sports as football1
  37. keep company1
    • the heifers run with the bulls to produce offspring1
  38. sail before the wind1
  39. be diffused1
    • These dyes and colors are guaranteed not to run1
  40. move along, of liquids1
  41. cause an animal to move fast1
    • run the dogs1
  42. move about freely and without restraint, or act as if running around in an uncontrolled way1
    • who are these people running around in the building?1
    • She runs around telling everyone of her troubles1
    • let the dogs run free1
  43. deal in illegally, such as arms or liquor1
  44. set animals loose to graze1
  45. direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.1
    • She is running a relief operation in the Sudan1
  46. make without a miss1
  47. carry out a process or program, as on a computer or a machine1
    • run a new program on the Mac1
  48. occur persistently1
    • Musical talent runs in the family1
  49. continue to exist1
  50. extend or continue for a certain period of time1
    • The film runs 5 hours1
  51. stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point1
    • Service runs all the way to Cranbury1
  52. cause something to pass or lead somewhere1
  53. have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined1
    • These dresses run small1
  54. be affected by; be subjected to1
    • run a temperature1
    • run a risk1
  55. have a particular form1
    • the story or argument runs as follows1
  56. change or be different within limits1
    • Estimates for the losses in the earthquake range as high as $2 billion1
    • Interest rates run from 5 to 10 percent1
    • The instruments ranged from tuba to cymbals1
    • My students range from very bright to dull1
  57. To execute queries and macros.2

Wiktionary: run

  1. to move quickly on two feet
  2. to flow

Cross Translation:
run springa rennen — [A] 1. zeer snel lopen
run bana; spår Bahn — festgelegte Strecke für sportliche Wettkampf
run gång; lopp Lauf — zeitliche Abfolge von Ereignissen
run lopp Lauf — Weg eines fließenden Gewässers
run bedriva; driva betreiben — etwas am laufen halten
run löpa; springa laufenvon Lebewesen allgemein: sich schnell auf den Beinen (selten: anderen Gliedmaßen) fortbewegen
run rinna; strömma couler — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
run kila; raka courir — Se déplacer rapidement, avec impétuosité, par un mouvement alternatif des jambes ou des pattes, n'ayant pendant un court instant aucun appui au sol.
run fungera fonctionneraccomplir sa fonction, en parlant d’un mécanisme, d’un organe, etc.
run flykt fuite — Action de fuir
run ; vandra; trampa; följa; gå ihop; lura sig; avancera; tåga; marschera; vara i gång; utveckla sig marcher — Se déplacer par un mouvement alternatif des jambes ou des pattes, en ayant toujours un appui au sol.
run fil; ; rad; räcka rangée — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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