Uitgebreide vertaling voor study (Engels) in het Zweeds


study werkwoord

  1. study
    läsa; studera; forska
    • läsa werkwoord (läser, läste, läst)
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • forska werkwoord (forskar, forskade, forskat)
  2. study (learn; train)
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
  3. study (investigate; research)
    undersöka; utforska
    • undersöka werkwoord (undersöker, undersökte, undersökt)
    • utforska werkwoord (utforskar, utforskade, utforskat)
  4. study (learn; acquire; pick up; get the hang of)
    lära; studera
    • lära werkwoord (lär, lärde, lärt)
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
  5. study (practise; learn; practice)
    studera; öva; praktisera
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • öva werkwoord (övar, övade, övat)
    • praktisera werkwoord (praktiserar, praktiserade, praktiserat)
  6. study (swot; learn)
    plugga; studera; lära in
    • plugga werkwoord (pluggar, pluggade, pluggat)
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • lära in werkwoord (lär in, lärde in, lärt in)
  7. study (learn; qualify)
    studera; lära; hålla sig underrättad; lära sig
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • lära werkwoord (lär, lärde, lärt)
    • hålla sig underrättad werkwoord (håller sig underrättad, höll sig underrättad, hållit sig underrättad)
    • lära sig werkwoord (lär sig, lärde sig, lärt sig)
  8. study (cram up a lesson; learn)
    plugga in; studera; lära in
    • plugga in werkwoord (pluggar in, pluggade in, pluggat in)
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • lära in werkwoord (lär in, lärde in, lärt in)
  9. study (research)
    forska; studera; efterforska
    • forska werkwoord (forskar, forskade, forskat)
    • studera werkwoord (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • efterforska werkwoord (efterforskar, efterforskade, efterforskat)

study [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the study (course)
    studie; kurs
    • studie [-ett] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • kurs [-en] zelfstandig naamwoord
  2. the study (practice piece)
    studie; övning; övningsstycke
  3. the study (doctor's practice; training)
    läkarpraktik; praktiserande
  4. the study
    – a room used for reading and writing and studying 1

Vertaal Matrix voor study:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
kurs course; study course; curriculum; direction; education; instruction; lesson; market quotation; price; quotation; rate; stock price; teaching; tuition; value
läkarpraktik doctor's practice; study; training
lära doctrine
praktiserande doctor's practice; study; training practitioner
studie course; practice piece; study
studierum study
övning practice piece; study drill; exercise; performance; practice; practise; training
övningsstycke practice piece; study
- bailiwick; cogitation; discipline; field; field of study; report; sketch; subject; subject area; subject field; survey; work; written report
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
efterforska research; study localise; localize; locate; trace
forska research; study investigate; research; search for; sniff around
hålla sig underrättad learn; qualify; study
lära acquire; get the hang of; learn; pick up; qualify; study absorb; break in; coach; collect; discover; educate; gain; instruct; learn; receive; studying; teach; train; tutor
lära in cram up a lesson; learn; study; swot read in
lära sig learn; qualify; study aquire; familiarise; familiarize; get used to; learn; master
läsa study read
plugga learn; study; swot grind; grind off; step up; work hard
plugga in cram up a lesson; learn; study
praktisera learn; practice; practise; study exercise; practice; practise
studera acquire; cram up a lesson; get the hang of; learn; pick up; practice; practise; qualify; research; study; swot; train studying; teach
undersöka investigate; research; study audit; check; control; count again; examine; grope about; hear; inspect; investigate; look at; look up; pretest; probe; recount; research; rummage about; rummage around; search; search for; see; see over; see round; sniff around; sound; survey; test; try; try out; verify; view; visit
utforska investigate; research; study explore; get at the root of; get to the bottom; investigate; prospect; scan
öva learn; practice; practise; study drill; educate; exercise; lead up; practice; practise; redo; rehearse; repeat; resume; school; train; tutor
- analyse; analyze; canvas; canvass; consider; contemplate; examine; hit the books; learn; meditate; read; take
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
instudera rehearse; study
studium study

Verwante woorden van "study":

Synoniemen voor "study":

Verwante definities voor "study":

  1. a detailed critical inspection1
  2. preliminary drawing for later elaboration1
    • he made several studies before starting to paint1
  3. a room used for reading and writing and studying1
    • he knocked lightly on the closed door of the study1
  4. a state of deep mental absorption1
    • she is in a deep study1
  5. applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject (especially by reading)1
    • no schools offer graduate study in interior design1
  6. attentive consideration and meditation1
  7. a branch of knowledge1
    • anthropology is the study of human beings1
  8. a composition intended to develop one aspect of the performer's technique1
    • a study in spiccato bowing1
  9. a written document describing the findings of some individual or group1
    • this accords with the recent study by Hill and Dale1
  10. someone who memorizes quickly and easily (as the lines for a part in a play)1
    • he is a quick study1
  11. be a student of a certain subject1
  12. learn by reading books1
    • He is studying geology in his room1
  13. be a student; follow a course of study; be enrolled at an institute of learning1
  14. consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning1
  15. think intently and at length, as for spiritual purposes1
    • He is meditating in his study1
  16. give careful consideration to1

Wiktionary: study

  1. to revise/review materials
  2. to take a course
  3. -

Cross Translation:
study utredning; undersökning Untersuchung — die genauere Betrachtung, Beobachtung oder das Betasten zur Bestimmung eines Sachverhalts oder Objektes
study iaktta beobachtenWissenschaft: wahrnehmen oder messen
study lära sig lernen — gezielt einen vorgegebenen Lernstoff erarbeiten und verinnerlichen
study studera studieren — (transitiv) (intransitiv) eine Hochschulausbildung machen, Student sein; an einer Hochschule Themen und Methoden eines oder mehrerer Fachgebiete erlernen
study bepröva; undersöka examinerobserver avec attention, avec réflexion.
study studera étudier — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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