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  1. take along:
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Uitgebreide vertaling voor take along (Engels) in het Zweeds

take along:

to take along werkwoord (takes along, took along, taking along)

  1. to take along (collect; take away; pick up; )
    få ihop; samla in; samla
    • få ihop werkwoord (får ihop, fick ihop, fått ihop)
    • samla in werkwoord (samlar in, samlade in, samlat in)
    • samla werkwoord (samlar, samlade, samlat)

Conjugations for take along:

  1. take along
  2. take along
  3. takes along
  4. take along
  5. take along
  6. take along
simple past
  1. took along
  2. took along
  3. took along
  4. took along
  5. took along
  6. took along
present perfect
  1. have taken along
  2. have taken along
  3. has taken along
  4. have taken along
  5. have taken along
  6. have taken along
past continuous
  1. was taking along
  2. were taking along
  3. was taking along
  4. were taking along
  5. were taking along
  6. were taking along
  1. shall take along
  2. will take along
  3. will take along
  4. shall take along
  5. will take along
  6. will take along
continuous present
  1. am taking along
  2. are taking along
  3. is taking along
  4. are taking along
  5. are taking along
  6. are taking along
  1. be taken along
  2. be taken along
  3. be taken along
  4. be taken along
  5. be taken along
  6. be taken along
  1. take along!
  2. let's take along!
  3. taken along
  4. taking along
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor take along:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
få ihop collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away
samla collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away accumulate; amass; assemble; bring together; call; call together; collect; cumulate; fetch; gather; gather together; glean; horde; join; pack together; pack up; pick up; range together; save; scrape together; unite
samla in collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away collect; gather; glean; pick up

Wiktionary: take along

Cross Translation:
take along församla; samla; dra ihop rassemblerassembler de nouveau des personnes, des bêtes ou des choses qui disperser.

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