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Uitgebreide vertaling voor clothe (Engels) in het Frans


to clothe werkwoord (clothes, clothed, clothing)

  1. to clothe (upholster; furnish; cover)
    revêtir; tapisser; recouvrir; couvrir; garnir; décorer
    • revêtir werkwoord (revêts, revêt, revêtons, revêtez, )
    • tapisser werkwoord (tapisse, tapisses, tapissons, tapissez, )
    • recouvrir werkwoord (recouvre, recouvres, recouvrons, recouvrez, )
    • couvrir werkwoord (couvre, couvres, couvrons, couvrez, )
    • garnir werkwoord (garnis, garnit, garnissons, garnissez, )
    • décorer werkwoord (décore, décores, décorons, décorez, )

Conjugations for clothe:

  1. clothe
  2. clothe
  3. clothes
  4. clothe
  5. clothe
  6. clothe
simple past
  1. clothed
  2. clothed
  3. clothed
  4. clothed
  5. clothed
  6. clothed
present perfect
  1. have clothed
  2. have clothed
  3. has clothed
  4. have clothed
  5. have clothed
  6. have clothed
past continuous
  1. was clothing
  2. were clothing
  3. was clothing
  4. were clothing
  5. were clothing
  6. were clothing
  1. shall clothe
  2. will clothe
  3. will clothe
  4. shall clothe
  5. will clothe
  6. will clothe
continuous present
  1. am clothing
  2. are clothing
  3. is clothing
  4. are clothing
  5. are clothing
  6. are clothing
  1. be clothed
  2. be clothed
  3. be clothed
  4. be clothed
  5. be clothed
  6. be clothed
  1. clothe!
  2. let's clothe!
  3. clothed
  4. clothing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor clothe:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
couvrir clothe; cover; furnish; upholster announce; arch over; armor; armour; bale; bind tightly; blind; blur; board; camouflage; compensate for; conceal; counterbalance; cover; cover up; cover with; cover with greenery; crate; dust with; envelop; fence in; fence off; inform; lock up; make good; mantle; mask; pack; package; protect; report; roof in; shroud; span; sprinkle with; state; swathe; time consuming; veil; wrap; wrap up
décorer clothe; cover; furnish; upholster beautify; deck out; decorate; doll up; dress o.s. up; dress up; embellish; fit out; furnish; garnish; knight; make up; put on make-up; trim
garnir clothe; cover; furnish; upholster adorn; beautify; decorate; doll up; dress; dress up; dunnage; embellish; finish; garnish; make up; ornament; put on make-up; trim
recouvrir clothe; cover; furnish; upholster arch over; bale; board; cover; cover up; crate; pack; package; roof in; wrap; wrap up
revêtir clothe; cover; furnish; upholster accomplish; change; cover; cover up; fulfil; fulfill; honor; honour; occupy a position; pull to; put other clothes on
tapisser clothe; cover; furnish; upholster cover; cover up; hang with wall paper; stick on; wallpaper
- adorn; cloak; drape; invest; robe

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Antoniemen van "clothe":

Verwante definities voor "clothe":

  1. cover as if with clothing1
    • the mountain was clothed in tropical trees1
  2. furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors1