Uitgebreide vertaling voor hew through (Engels) in het Duits

hew through:

to hew through werkwoord (hews through, hewed through, hewing through)

  1. to hew through (cleave; cut)
    streichen; bersten; durchschneiden; splissen; spleißen; durchhauen; schlagen; spalten
    • streichen werkwoord (streiche, streichst, streicht, strich, stricht, gestrichen)
    • bersten werkwoord (berste, birst, barst, barstet, geborsten)
    • durchschneiden werkwoord (durchschnitte, durchschnittest, durchschnitt, durchschnittet, durchschnitten)
    • splissen werkwoord (splisse, splisst, splisste, splisstet, gesplißt)
    • spleißen werkwoord (spleiße, spleißt, spliss, splisset, gesplissen)
    • durchhauen werkwoord (haue durch, haust durch, haut durch, haute durch, hautet durch, durchgehaut)
    • schlagen werkwoord (schlage, schlägst, schlägt, schlug, schlugt, geschlagen)
    • spalten werkwoord (spalte, spaltest, spaltet, spaltete, spaltetet, gespaltet)

Conjugations for hew through:

  1. hew through
  2. hew through
  3. hews through
  4. hew through
  5. hew through
  6. hew through
simple past
  1. hewed through
  2. hewed through
  3. hewed through
  4. hewed through
  5. hewed through
  6. hewed through
present perfect
  1. have hewn through
  2. have hewn through
  3. has hewn through
  4. have hewn through
  5. have hewn through
  6. have hewn through
past continuous
  1. was hewing through
  2. were hewing through
  3. was hewing through
  4. were hewing through
  5. were hewing through
  6. were hewing through
  1. shall hew through
  2. will hew through
  3. will hew through
  4. shall hew through
  5. will hew through
  6. will hew through
continuous present
  1. am hewing through
  2. are hewing through
  3. is hewing through
  4. are hewing through
  5. are hewing through
  6. are hewing through
  1. be hewn through
  2. be hewn through
  3. be hewn through
  4. be hewn through
  5. be hewn through
  6. be hewn through
  1. hew through!
  2. let's hew through!
  3. hewn through
  4. hewing through
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor hew through:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
bersten cleave; cut; hew through blow to pieces; blow up; burst; burst open; come loose; crack; crackle; drop dead; explode; go to hell; shatter; snap; spring open
durchhauen cleave; cut; hew through
durchschneiden cleave; cut; hew through cut; cut through; slice
schlagen cleave; cut; hew through affect; bang; batter; battle with; beat; belt; clip; combat; concern; contest; drive; drive in nails; drive piles; fight; gain; hammer; hit; hit out hard; move; nail; nail down; plonk; pluck strings; pound; punch; quarrel; ram; scrap; scuffle; slap; smack; smash; spike; strike; thump; touch; turn cartwheels; win
spalten cleave; cut; hew through break up; collapse; crumble; disintegrate; fall apart; fall to bits; fall to pieces; let itself split
spleißen cleave; cut; hew through chop; chop into small pieces; chop up; cleave; crack; divide; divorce; part; separate; sever; split; split open
splissen cleave; cut; hew through chop; chop into small pieces; chop up; cleave; crack; divide; divorce; part; separate; sever; split; split open
streichen cleave; cut; hew through annul; blot out; cancel; dye; flick; paint; play the violin; rescind; roam; rove; wander about; whitewash

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