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  1. place upon:


Uitgebreide synoniemen voor place upon in het Engels

place upon:

to place upon werkwoord (places upon, placed upon, placing upon)

  1. to place upon
    to stack; to pile up; to accumulate; to place upon; to heap up; to mount up
    • stack werkwoord (stacks, stacked, stacking)
    • pile up werkwoord (piles up, piled up, piling up)
    • accumulate werkwoord (accumulates, accumulated, accumulating)
    • place upon werkwoord (places upon, placed upon, placing upon)
    • heap up werkwoord (heaps up, heaped up, heaping up)
    • mount up werkwoord (mounts up, mounted up, mounting up)

Conjugations for place upon:

  1. place upon
  2. place upon
  3. places upon
  4. place upon
  5. place upon
  6. place upon
simple past
  1. placed upon
  2. placed upon
  3. placed upon
  4. placed upon
  5. placed upon
  6. placed upon
present perfect
  1. have placed upon
  2. have placed upon
  3. has placed upon
  4. have placed upon
  5. have placed upon
  6. have placed upon
past continuous
  1. was placing upon
  2. were placing upon
  3. was placing upon
  4. were placing upon
  5. were placing upon
  6. were placing upon
  1. shall place upon
  2. will place upon
  3. will place upon
  4. shall place upon
  5. will place upon
  6. will place upon
continuous present
  1. am placing upon
  2. are placing upon
  3. is placing upon
  4. are placing upon
  5. are placing upon
  6. are placing upon
  1. be placed upon
  2. be placed upon
  3. be placed upon
  4. be placed upon
  5. be placed upon
  6. be placed upon
  1. place upon!
  2. let's place upon!
  3. placed upon
  4. placing upon
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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