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  1. salt away:


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salt away:

salt away werkwoord

  1. salt away
    – keep or lay aside for future use 1
    to store; to put in; to lay in; to stash away; salt away; stack away; hive away
    – keep or lay aside for future use 1
    • store werkwoord (stores, stored, storing)
      • store grain for the winter1
      • The bear stores fat for the period of hibernation when he doesn't eat1
    • put in werkwoord (puts in, put in, putting in)
    • lay in werkwoord (lays in, laid in, laying in)
    • stash away werkwoord (stashs away, stashed away, stashing away)
    • salt away werkwoord
    • stack away werkwoord
    • hive away werkwoord

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  1. keep or lay aside for future use1

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