Uitgebreide vertaling voor get to know (Engels) in het Frans

get to know:

to get to know werkwoord (gets to know, got to know, getting to know)

  1. to get to know (become acquainted with; meet; become acquainted; make the acquaintance of)
  2. to get to know (realize; contain; grasp; hold; realise)
    concevoir; se rendre compte; percevoir; reconnaître; entendre; saisir; voir; percer
    • concevoir werkwoord (conçois, conçoit, concevons, concevez, )
    • se rendre compte werkwoord
    • percevoir werkwoord (perçois, perçoit, percevons, percevez, )
    • reconnaître werkwoord (reconnais, reconnaît, reconnaissons, reconnaissez, )
    • entendre werkwoord (entends, entend, entendons, entendez, )
    • saisir werkwoord (saisis, saisit, saisissons, saisissez, )
    • voir werkwoord (vois, voit, voyons, voyez, )
    • percer werkwoord (perce, perces, perçons, percez, )

Conjugations for get to know:

  1. get to know
  2. get to know
  3. gets to know
  4. get to know
  5. get to know
  6. get to know
simple past
  1. got to know
  2. got to know
  3. got to know
  4. got to know
  5. got to know
  6. got to know
present perfect
  1. have gotten to know
  2. have gotten to know
  3. has gotten to know
  4. have gotten to know
  5. have gotten to know
  6. have gotten to know
past continuous
  1. was getting to know
  2. were getting to know
  3. was getting to know
  4. were getting to know
  5. were getting to know
  6. were getting to know
  1. shall get to know
  2. will get to know
  3. will get to know
  4. shall get to know
  5. will get to know
  6. will get to know
continuous present
  1. am getting to know
  2. are getting to know
  3. is getting to know
  4. are getting to know
  5. are getting to know
  6. are getting to know
  1. be gotten to know
  2. be gotten to know
  3. be gotten to know
  4. be gotten to know
  5. be gotten to know
  6. be gotten to know
  1. get to know!
  2. let's get to know!
  3. gotten to know
  4. getting to know
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor get to know:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
concevoir contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize be on to; comprehend; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; contrive; create; design; devise; estimate; get; grasp; invent; make; manufacture; plan; plot; prepare; rumble to; see through; set up; understand
entendre contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize aim at; be on to; capture; catch; grab; grip; hear; hear out; interpret; learn; listen; listen to; mean; rumble to; see through; seize; take up; trap; understand
faire la connaissance de become acquainted; become acquainted with; get to know; make the acquaintance of; meet be introduced; get acquainted with; meet
percer contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize bore; bore through; break through; break up; come through; convert; dig; drill; encode; filter; get through; hint; impress; imprint; instil; instill; leak through; penetrate; perforate; pierce; pierce through; plough; plough up; prick; put in; reform; run through; stab; stab through; stick in
percevoir contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize acquire; attend; become aware of; behold; cash; claim; collect money; come by; demand; feel; find; gain; notice; observe; obtain; perceive; procure; see; see in; sense; witness
reconnaître contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize accede; admit; admit the truth; allow; authorise; authorize; explore; identify; permit; prospect; recognise; recognize; scan; tolerate
saisir contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize apprehend; arrest; be on to; captivate; capture; catch; catch on the way; chain; clamp; clasp; clutch; comprehend; confiscate; detain; dive in; enchain; enchant; enclose with the hands; enthral; enthrall; fall to; fascinate; get; get hold of; get one's hands on; grab; grasp; grip; hold; imprison; intercept; intrigue; lay one's hands on; look through; obtain; overcome by; pick up; receive; receive for one's portion; rumble to; see through; seize; seize upon; serve oneself; shackle; strike; take; take hold of; take in custody; take prisoner; trap; understand
se rendre compte contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize comprehend; get; grasp; understand
voir contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize attend; become aware of; behold; cast an eye on; check; comprehend; control; examine; feel; find; get; glance; go through; grasp; inspect; look; look at; look on; notice; observe; perceive; scrutinise; scrutinize; see; see in; sense; understand; verify; view; watch; witness

Wiktionary: get to know

get to know
  1. to become acquainted with someone

Cross Translation:
get to know connaître kennenlernen — (transitiv) sich Wissen über etwas aneignen
get to know connaître kennenlernen — (transitiv) sich mit jemandem bekannt machen

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