Uitgebreide vertaling voor prick (Engels) in het Frans


to prick werkwoord (pricks, pricked, pricking)

  1. to prick (sting; cut)
    • piquer werkwoord (pique, piques, piquons, piquez, )
  2. to prick
    percer; piquer dans
    • percer werkwoord (perce, perces, perçons, percez, )
    • piquer dans werkwoord
  3. to prick (pierce)
    ouvrir; percer
    • ouvrir werkwoord (ouvre, ouvres, ouvrons, ouvrez, )
    • percer werkwoord (perce, perces, perçons, percez, )
  4. to prick (pin up; fork; hang up)
    • épingler werkwoord (épingle, épingles, épinglons, épinglez, )

Conjugations for prick:

  1. prick
  2. prick
  3. pricks
  4. prick
  5. prick
  6. prick
simple past
  1. pricked
  2. pricked
  3. pricked
  4. pricked
  5. pricked
  6. pricked
present perfect
  1. have pricked
  2. have pricked
  3. has pricked
  4. have pricked
  5. have pricked
  6. have pricked
past continuous
  1. was pricking
  2. were pricking
  3. was pricking
  4. were pricking
  5. were pricking
  6. were pricking
  1. shall prick
  2. will prick
  3. will prick
  4. shall prick
  5. will prick
  6. will prick
continuous present
  1. am pricking
  2. are pricking
  3. is pricking
  4. are pricking
  5. are pricking
  6. are pricking
  1. be pricked
  2. be pricked
  3. be pricked
  4. be pricked
  5. be pricked
  6. be pricked
  1. prick!
  2. let's prick!
  3. pricked
  4. pricking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

prick [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord !

  1. the prick (bastard; scoundrel; dickhead; )
    – obscene terms for penis 1
    le chien; le salopard; le salop; le con; la canaille; la crapule; le méchant; le salaud
    • chien [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • salopard [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • salop [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • con [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • canaille [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • crapule [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • méchant [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • salaud [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
  2. the prick (penis; willie; dick; )
    le zizi; le pénis; le membre viril; la bitte; le poteau; le con
    • zizi [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • pénis [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • membre viril [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • bitte [la ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • poteau [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord
    • con [le ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

Vertaal Matrix voor prick:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
bitte cock; dick; penis; prick; rod; sod; willie
canaille asshole; bastard; dickhead; piece of shit; prick; scoundrel; shit; shithead bastard; brood; brooding; cad; creep; cunt; cur; dregs; dross; louse; mob; nasty character; nasty piece of work; naughty-boys; offal; pain in the ass; pain in the neck; pariah; rabble; ragtag; rascal; rascals; refuse; riff-raff; riffraff; rogue; rogues; rot-gut; rotter; rubbish; scamp; scoundrel; scoundrels; scrap; screw; scum; shady chap; sitting; skunk; sly dog; sneaker; snide; stinker; trash; vermin; villain; wretch; wretched fellow
chien asshole; bastard; dickhead; piece of shit; prick; scoundrel; shit; shithead dog; hound
con asshole; bastard; cock; dick; dickhead; penis; piece of shit; prick; rod; scoundrel; shit; shithead; sod; willie asshole; bastard; blighter; cad; creep; cunt; cur; good-for-nothing; jerk; lazybones; loiterer; louse; nasty piece of work; pain in the ass; pain in the neck; rascal; rotter; scamp; scoundrel; screw; shithead; skunk; slacker; slowcoach; slowpoke; sluggard; sly dog; snail; stinker; wretch; wretched fellow; yellowbelly
crapule asshole; bastard; dickhead; piece of shit; prick; scoundrel; shit; shithead bastard; bitch; cad; cunt; cur; pariah; rascal; rogue; scamp; scoundrel; screw; serpent; shady chap; skunk; sly dog; snake; sneaker; snide; stinker; treacherous girl; villain; viper
membre viril cock; dick; penis; prick; rod; sod; willie
méchant asshole; bastard; dickhead; piece of shit; prick; scoundrel; shit; shithead jackanapes; naughty boy; naughty child; rascal; rogue
poteau cock; dick; penis; prick; rod; sod; willie
pénis cock; dick; penis; prick; rod; sod; willie
salaud asshole; bastard; dickhead; piece of shit; prick; scoundrel; shit; shithead bastard; blighter; cur; foul-mouthed fellow; louse; obscene fellow; pain in the neck; pariah; rascal; rotter; scoundrel; screw; skunk; sly dog; stinker
salop asshole; bastard; dickhead; piece of shit; prick; scoundrel; shit; shithead
salopard asshole; bastard; dickhead; piece of shit; prick; scoundrel; shit; shithead asshole; bastard; jerk; shithead
zizi cock; dick; penis; prick; rod; sod; willie
- cock; dent; dick; incision; pecker; peter; pricking; putz; scratch; shaft; slit; tool
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
ouvrir pierce; prick bare; be off; begin; break into; bring up; broach; broach a subject; clear a way through; come open; commence; cut into; develop; draw open; fray; get under way; introduce; loosen; make public; open; open up; press open; publish; push open; put forward; put on the table; ravel out; release; set free; set in motion; set up; start; start to; strike up; take off; take on; turn on; unbolt; unbutton; uncover; undertake; undo; unfold; unlace; unlock; unravel; unscrew; untie; work loose
percer pierce; prick bore; bore through; break through; break up; come through; contain; convert; dig; drill; encode; filter; get through; get to know; grasp; hint; hold; impress; imprint; instil; instill; leak through; penetrate; perforate; pierce; pierce through; plough; plough up; put in; realise; realize; reform; run through; stab; stab through; stick in
piquer cut; prick; sting administer a medecin w a syringe; anger; annoy; arouse; banquet; bite; cadge; cajole; catch; caught; cause irritation; chafe; clasp; clutch; coax; collar; corrode; cuddle; drag; excite; expropriate; feast; filch; give offence; gnaw; go thieving; grasp; grate; grip; irritate; make off with; mooch; nick; obtain by begging; pilfer; pinch; plane; purloin; reach; regale; rise to the bait; rob; root; rout; rummage about; scratch; seize; slave away; slog away; smooth; snap; snatch; snatch away; snatch off; sneak up on; snitch; snout; spout; spurt; steal; stick; stimulate; stir up; swipe; take; take away; take unaware; tattle; toil and moil; twig; vex; wheedle; yearn
piquer dans prick
épingler fork; hang up; pin up; prick pin; pin down; pin off; pin on; pin up; prick down
- bite; cock up; goad; prick up; prickle; sting; twinge
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- cock; dick; sting
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
con stupid
méchant bad; badly; banal; below the belt; bitchy; bogus; coarse; cunning; demonic; devilish; diabolic; doggish; dubious; evil-minded; faked; false; feigned; fictitious; foul; grimy; gross; low; malicious; mean; nasty; not genuine; obscure; pedestrian; problematic; questionable; rotten; satanic; scary; shabby; shady; sham; sharp; shifty; shrewd; sinister; slimy; slippery; sly; stingy; suspect; suspicious; trite; trivial; uncertain; underhand; unmannerly; unreliable; unsavory; unsavoury; vapid; venomous; very malignant; vicious; vile; virulent; vitriolic; vulgar; with evil intention

Verwante woorden van "prick":

Synoniemen voor "prick":

Verwante definities voor "prick":

  1. the act of puncturing with a small point1
    • he gave the balloon a small prick1
  2. obscene terms for penis1
  3. a depression scratched or carved into a surface1
  4. stab or urge on as if with a pointed stick1
  5. make a small hole into, as with a needle or a thorn1
    • The nurse pricked my finger to get a small blood sample1
  6. deliver a sting to1
  7. to cause a sharp emotional pain1
    • The thought of her unhappiness pricked his conscience1
  8. raise1
    • The dog pricked up his ears1
  9. cause a prickling sensation1
  10. cause a stinging pain1
    • The needle pricked his skin1

Wiktionary: prick

  1. (slang) a penis
  2. an annoying person
  1. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  1. anatomie|fr organe mâle de copulation et de miction chez les mammifères, certains oiseaux ou d’autres animaux.
  2. (argot) pénis, sexe masculin.

Cross Translation:
prick bite; pine; zob; paf; vit; queue Pimmel — (umgangssprachlich): männliches Glied
prick salopard; connard; salaud Scheißkerlvulgär: widerlicher, erbärmlicher Mann
prick bite; queue Schwanzumgangssprachlich, derb: Penis
prick piquer piksen — (umgangssprachlich) die Spitze eines Gegenstands in etwas stechen

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