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  1. flashgeheugen
    the flash memory
    – A type of nonvolatile memory that is similar to EEPROM memory in function although it must be erased in blocks, whereas EEPROM can be erased one byte at a time. Because of its block-oriented nature, flash memory is commonly used as a supplement to or replacement for hard disks in portable computers. In this context, flash memory either is built into the unit or, more commonly, is available as a PC Card that can be plugged into a PCMCIA slot. A disadvantage of the block-oriented nature of flash memory is that it cannot be practically used as main memory (RAM) because a computer needs to be able to write to memory in single-byte increments. 1

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flash memory flashgeheugen

Wiktionary: flashgeheugen

  1. rewritable memory

Cross Translation:
flashgeheugen flash memory mémoire flash — info|fr mémoire de masse réinscription ayant les caractéristiques d’une mémoire vive dont les données ne disparaissent pas lors de la mise hors tension.