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go on:

to go on werkwoord (goes on, went on, going on)

  1. to go on
  2. to go on (continue; proceed; pursue the subject; )
    seguir; continuar
  3. to go on (continue)
    seguir; continuar; proseguir; alargar; prolongar
  4. to go on (contract)
    contraer; firmar; concernir
  5. to go on (take it further; continue)

Conjugations for go on:

  1. go on
  2. go on
  3. goes on
  4. go on
  5. go on
  6. go on
simple past
  1. went on
  2. went on
  3. went on
  4. went on
  5. went on
  6. went on
present perfect
  1. have gone on
  2. have gone on
  3. has gone on
  4. have gone on
  5. have gone on
  6. have gone on
past continuous
  1. was going on
  2. were going on
  3. was going on
  4. were going on
  5. were going on
  6. were going on
  1. shall go on
  2. will go on
  3. will go on
  4. shall go on
  5. will go on
  6. will go on
continuous present
  1. am going on
  2. are going on
  3. is going on
  4. are going on
  5. are going on
  6. are going on
  1. be gone on
  2. be gone on
  3. be gone on
  4. be gone on
  5. be gone on
  6. be gone on
  1. go on!
  2. let's go on!
  3. gone on
  4. going on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Vertaal Matrix voor go on:

WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
acelerar el paso go on
alargar continue; go on continue; lengthen; prolong; stretch; stretch out; tighten
concernir contract; go on affect; concern; enter; enter into; regard; relate to; tie on to; touch
continuar carry on; continue; get on; go on; go through with it; hold on; keep on; keep up; let last; move on; persist; proceed; pursue the subject; take it further continue; drag on; drive on; hold on; keep on; keep up; persevere; persist; ride on; work on
continuar con una continue; go on; take it further
contraer contract; go on collapse; contract; stretch; tighten
dejar prolongar continue; go on; take it further
firmar contract; go on be in contrast with; enter into; initial; paraph; register; sign; start to work
pasar por continue; go on; take it further adjudicate; be reported to be; bear; call at; call on; come past; condemn; drop by; drop in; encounter; endure; experience; feel; go through; judge; live through; look for; look up; pass; pass for; pass through; seek out; sentence; stand; sustain; travel through; try; visit; walk past
procesar continue; go on; take it further adjudicate; bring action against; condemn; judge; prosecute; sentence; try
prolongar continue; go on continue; last longer; lengthen; prolong
proseguir continue; go on; take it further adjudicate; condemn; continue; do as well; do next to; have a sideline; judge; sentence; take up the thread of one's narrative; try; work on
seguir carry on; continue; get on; go on; go through with it; hold on; keep on; keep up; let last; move on; persist; proceed; pursue the subject; take it further chase; come after; comply; continue; copy; ensue; follow; go after; heed; imitate; listen; obey; pursue; run after; track; work on
- advance; carry on; come about; come on; come up; continue; fall out; go along; hap; happen; keep; march on; move on; occur; pass; pass off; pass on; proceed; progress; take place
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
- continue

Synoniemen voor "go on":

Antoniemen van "go on":

Verwante definities voor "go on":

  1. come to pass1
  2. continue talking1
  3. start running, functioning, or operating1
  4. move forward, also in the metaphorical sense1
  5. continue a certain state, condition, or activity1

Wiktionary: go on

go on
  1. happen
  2. travel by
  3. continue

Cross Translation:
go on seguir; continuar voortzetten — (overgankelijk) iets langer laten duren
go on continuar doorgaan — niet stoppen
go on llevar fortfahren — jemanden oder etwas von einem Ort mit einem Fahrzeug wegbringen
go on marcharse fortfahren — einen Ort mit einem Fahrzeug verlassen
go on ir gehen — [bereits] im Gange sein, (abgeschlossene Vorgänge:) dauern
go on continuar; durar; seguir continuerpoursuivre ce qui commencer.
go on mantener maintenirtenir ferme et fixe.
go on continuar reconduireTraductions à trier suivant le sens.

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