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extension [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the extension (expansion; increase; growth; enlargement)
  2. the extension (addition to)
    tillägg; tillfogning; tillsats
  3. the extension (addition; additive)
    tillägning; addition
  4. the extension (addition; additive)
    ökning; tillskott; tilläg; tillägande
  5. the extension (annex)
    • annex [-ett] zelfstandig naamwoord
  6. the extension (annex; expansion; enlargement; addition)
    tillägg; addition; utbyggnad
  7. the extension (extending table; draw-leaf)
    förlängningsbart bord; utdragsbord
  8. the extension (adding; joining)
    omfång; tillökning; utvidgning
  9. the extension
    förlängning; utvidgning; utsträckande
  10. the extension (file name extension)
    – A set of characters added to the end of a file name that identifies the file type or format. 1

Vertaal Matrix voor extension:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
addition addition; additive; annex; enlargement; expansion; extension addition
annex annex; extension annex; auxiliary branche
expansion enlargement; expansion; extension; growth; increase expansion; increase in scale; scale up
förlängning extension continuation; extension piece; future; prolongation; renewal; sequel
förlängningsbart bord draw-leaf; extending table; extension
omfång adding; extension; joining distension; lifetime; personalization scope; proportion; puffiness; relation; scope; search scope; tumidity
tillfogning addition to; extension
tillsats addition to; extension accretion; addition; growth; increase; rise
tillskott addition; additive; extension
tilläg addition; additive; extension
tillägande addition; additive; extension
tillägg addition; addition to; annex; enlargement; expansion; extension add-in; addenda; addendum; addings to; addition; additions; affix; affixes; allotments; allowances; amendments; appendage; appendages; appendices; appendix; appendixes; charge; completion; concessions; count; extra; fill up; filling up; grants; gratifications; insert; maintenances; miscellaneous charge; new supply; replenishment; stuffing; subsidies; sum; supplement; supplementary propositions; supplements; total amount
tillägning addition; additive; extension
tillökning adding; extension; joining
utbyggnad addition; annex; enlargement; expansion; extension addition
utdragsbord draw-leaf; extending table; extension
utsträckande extension
utvidgning adding; extension; joining developments; dilatation; distension; enlargement; expansion; expansions; extensions; increase; opening up; puffiness; tumidity; widen
ökning addition; additive; extension coming up; expansion; growth; growths; increase; increases; inventory increase; rise; rises; rising
- annex; annexe; denotation; elongation; extension phone; extension service; file name extension; filename extension; lengthiness; prolongation; propagation; reference; telephone extension; university extension; wing
Not SpecifiedVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
filnamnstillägg extension; file name extension
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
extension extension
tillbyggnad addition; extension
utbredning distribution; extension; spread
BijwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
tillägg extra; specially added

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Antoniemen van "extension":

  • flexion

Verwante definities voor "extension":

  1. act of expanding in scope; making more widely available2
    • extension of the program to all in need2
  2. act of stretching or straightening out a flexed limb2
  3. an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who are not enrolled as regular students2
  4. an addition that extends a main building2
  5. an addition to the length of something2
  6. an additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line2
  7. amount or degree or range to which something extends2
    • the wire has an extension of 50 feet2
  8. the ability to raise the working leg high in the air2
    • the dancer was praised for her uncanny extension2
    • good extension comes from a combination of training and native ability2
  9. the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression; the class of objects that an expression refers to2
    • the extension of `satellite of Mars' is the set containing only Demos and Phobos2
  10. the spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions2
  11. a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters; the optional second part of a PC computer filename2
    • most applications provide extensions for the files they create2
  12. a mutually agreed delay in the date set for the completion of a job or payment of a debt2
  13. A set of characters added to the end of a file name that identifies the file type or format.1

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Cross Translation:
extension uppskov Aufschub — Gewährung einer längeren Frist, als ursprünglich vorgesehen
extension utbyggnad Ausbau — die planmäßige Vergrößerung, Erweiterung von etwas Bestehendem
extension förlängning Ausdehnungzeitlich: eine Zeitspanne, die Verlängerung eines Zeitraums
extension utsträckning; omfång Ausdehnungräumlich, Fläche: Volumen, das ein Körper oder Objekt einnimmt, Bereich, in dem sich etwas erstreckt
extension utdrags- Auszugräumlich: beweglicher, mechanischer Teil, der teleskopartig ausgefahren werden kann
extension utvidgning Erweiterung — Vergrößerung, auch Ausbau eines technischen Systems oder einer Organisation
extension hårförlängning ExtensionKosmetik: künstliche Verlängerung der Kopfbehaarung
extension filändelse ExtensionEDV: das funktionale Suffix eines Dateinamens (.txt; .exe; .jpeg ...)
extension utsträckning; omfång ExtensitätPlural selten: räumliche oder zeitliche Ausdehnung
extension utbyggnad; tillbyggnad Anbau — bauliche Tätigkeit zur Erweiterung eines Bauwerks
extension klaff; skiva rallonge — Ce qui sert à rallonger une chose

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