Uitgebreide vertaling voor unite (Engels) in het Zweeds


to unite werkwoord (unites, united, uniting)

  1. to unite (join up; include; add; join)
    ansluta; lägga till; anknyta
    • ansluta werkwoord (anslutar, anslutade, anslutat)
    • lägga till werkwoord (lägger till, lade till, lagt till)
    • anknyta werkwoord (anknyter, anknöt, anknutit)
  2. to unite (bring together; assemble; join)
    samla; förena; samla ihop
    • samla werkwoord (samlar, samlade, samlat)
    • förena werkwoord (förenar, förenade, förenat)
    • samla ihop werkwoord (samlar ihop, samlade ihop, samlat ihop)
  3. to unite (join together; merge; combine; )
    fästa ihop; sammanfoga
    • fästa ihop werkwoord (fästar ihop, fästade ihop, fästat ihop)
    • sammanfoga werkwoord (sammanfogar, sammanfogade, sammanfogat)
  4. to unite (bundle; gather; join)
    lägga ihop
    • lägga ihop werkwoord (lägger ihop, lade ihop, lagt ihop)
  5. to unite (combine; join)
    kombinera; sammanställa; sammanfatta; förena
    • kombinera werkwoord (kombinerar, kombinerade, kombinerat)
    • sammanställa werkwoord (sammanställer, sammanställde, sammanställt)
    • sammanfatta werkwoord (sammanfattar, sammanfattade, sammanfattat)
    • förena werkwoord (förenar, förenade, förenat)
  6. to unite (couple; connect; link; combine)
    hopkoppla; förena; sammanlänka
    • hopkoppla werkwoord (hopkopplar, hopkopplade, hoppkopplat)
    • förena werkwoord (förenar, förenade, förenat)
    • sammanlänka werkwoord (sammanlänkar, sammanlänkade, sammanlänkat)
  7. to unite (flock together)
    samlas; förenas; flocka ihop
    • samlas werkwoord (samlas, samlades)
    • förenas werkwoord (förenas, förenades, förenats)
    • flocka ihop werkwoord (flockar ihop, flockade ihop, flockat ihop)
  8. to unite (bundle; bind together)
    bunta ihop
    • bunta ihop werkwoord (buntar ihop, buntade ihop, buntat ihop)

Conjugations for unite:

  1. unite
  2. unite
  3. unites
  4. unite
  5. unite
  6. unite
simple past
  1. united
  2. united
  3. united
  4. united
  5. united
  6. united
present perfect
  1. have united
  2. have united
  3. has united
  4. have united
  5. have united
  6. have united
past continuous
  1. was uniting
  2. were uniting
  3. was uniting
  4. were uniting
  5. were uniting
  6. were uniting
  1. shall unite
  2. will unite
  3. will unite
  4. shall unite
  5. will unite
  6. will unite
continuous present
  1. am uniting
  2. are uniting
  3. is uniting
  4. are uniting
  5. are uniting
  6. are uniting
  1. be united
  2. be united
  3. be united
  4. be united
  5. be united
  6. be united
  1. unite!
  2. let's unite!
  3. united
  4. uniting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. unite

Vertaal Matrix voor unite:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
lägga ihop compilation
lägga till adding to; adding up; addition sum; footing; joining up; sum
samla ihop assemble; forgather
sammanfoga joining together; uniting
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
anknyta add; include; join; join up; unite connect; put through
ansluta add; include; join; join up; unite connect; couple; fasten; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; interconnect; interlock; join
bunta ihop bind together; bundle; unite
flocka ihop flock together; unite
fästa ihop bridge; combine; connect; join together; link; merge; unite stick; stick together
förena assemble; bring together; combine; connect; couple; join; link; unite attach; bridge; combine; connect; couple; fasten; hitch on to; hook on to; hook together; interlink; join; link
förenas flock together; unite
hopkoppla combine; connect; couple; link; unite
kombinera combine; join; unite add; bind; combine; mix; put together
lägga ihop bundle; gather; join; unite collect; consolidate; gather; solidify
lägga till add; include; join; join up; unite add; add on to; add up; append; build out; capture; count in; expand; extend; include; supplement; swell; widen
samla assemble; bring together; join; unite accumulate; amass; assemble; call; call together; collect; come round for; cumulate; fetch; gather; gather together; glean; horde; join; pack together; pack up; pick up; range together; save; scrape together; take; take along; take away
samla ihop assemble; bring together; join; unite accumulate; assemble; collect; gather; gather together; glean; heap up; horde; mount up; pick up; pile up; save; sweep together
samlas flock together; unite assemble; come together; forgather; gather; get together; meet; see each other; to gather; visit
sammanfatta combine; join; unite condense; recapitulate; shorten; sum up; summarise; summarize
sammanfoga bridge; combine; connect; join together; link; merge; unite attach; connect; couple; link; make a match; pander; stitch
sammanlänka combine; connect; couple; link; unite bridge; connect; interlink; link
sammanställa combine; join; unite build; form; put together
- combine; connect; join; link; link up; merge; unify
OverVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
ena unite
sammanfatta to sum up

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Verwante definities voor "unite":

  1. join or combine1
  2. become one1
  3. act in concert or unite in a common purpose or belief1
  4. bring together for a common purpose or action or ideology or in a shared situation1
    • the Democratic Patry platform united several splinter groups1
  5. be or become joined or united or linked1
  6. have or possess in combination1
    • she unites charm with a good business sense1
  7. To combine two or more shapes or paths to result in a single compound path that represents all of the area that was covered by the individual shapes and paths. If the resulting path is not a solid shape (for example, if there are holes), you can release the compound path, which results in a path object being created for each contiguous edge.2

Wiktionary: unite

  1. to come or bring together as one

Cross Translation:
unite förena; ena einigen — mehrere Parteien (zum Beispiel Personen oder Völker) zu einer Einheit verbinden
unite para ihop; para; sammankoppla; para sig accouplerjoindre deux choses ensemble.
unite ansluta; bifoga joindreapprocher deux choses l’une contre l’autre, en sorte qu’elles se toucher ou qu’elles se tenir.