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  1. applying for something:


Uitgebreide vertaling voor applying for something (Engels) in het Nederlands

applying for something:

applying for something [the ~] zelfstandig naamwoord

  1. the applying for something (applying; requesting; asking for)
    het aanvragen; opgeven

Vertaal Matrix voor applying for something:

Zelfstandig NaamwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aanvragen applying; applying for something; asking for; requesting
opgeven applying; applying for something; asking for; requesting
WerkwoordVerwante vertalingenAndere vertalingen
aanvragen appeal; apply for; apply to; ask; ask for; beg; claim; examine; file a petition; petition; pretest; query; request; require; test; try; try out
opgeven abandon; book; capitulate; cease; drop out; enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; give in; give up; give up hope; hand down; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; inscribe; pull out; quit; register; sacrifice; stop; subscribe; surrender; throw in the towel

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